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In Honor of King

Perhaps this is a bit late, and by the time any of you read this Martin Luther King Jr.’s day will have passed. But I truly believe that his philosophy, work, and achievements should be remembered every day. We all should strive to be more tolerant and more accepting as a society. Freedom and equality does not come cheap, unfortunately, and we should value it and treasure it each day. I almost forgot about this important day due to the stress of the moving and the unpacking, and shame on me. We need more days like this one to remember where we were as a society and what we can do to continue to improve.

When I first moved to America, I did not know who Mr. King was or what he believed in. I barely knew how to read or write in English. Some of the people in my highschool mocked me and wanted nothing to do with me because I am of Hispanic descent. It did not matter if I was born here or not, all they saw was my tan. Before moving here, however, I had never tasted the freedom and liberty that we as Americans have. Where I grew up  there was somewhat of a democracy, but it was mostly marinated with corruption and greed. The kind of corruption that is far greater than some of the things we see in our own government. Society there can be far more conservative, but cruel at the same time. There is even racism within its own people. At the same time  though, there is a simplicity, a brotherhood and a family safety net that can not be duplicated. I also must say, that things in the Dominican Republic have changed and improved a lot since I lived there. Remembering how things were when I lived there, makes me appreciate the great things this nation has to offer and has for its people. We have an opportunity to be an example to other less fortunate countries and be more tolerant. The goal should be not to change the beliefs of others but to show more acceptance and tolerance.

Unfortunately, although things have changed a lot since King’s era, I still think that progress needs to be made. It seems as though intolerance is growing in other ways too. I have witnessed people constantly ripping each other apart for what they do and what they do not do. People judging others for how they express themselves or even if they do not spell a word correctly. We all need to learn how to look past the little things that do not matter and look at the entire picture. We ought to be judging a person based on the positive values that they can bring into our lives, and not whether they can spell a word correctly, or what country they are from, or what race they are.

We  do not have to agree with everything and everyone, but we need to respect others and show more tolerance and acceptance, as we are all human. We all deserve to have our voices heard, have the same rights, and be treated with dignity and respect.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Happy Reading!


The new 20

In two days, I will officially be entering my 30’s. Some people have re-named this age group as the new 20. I believe it…

For starters, in my 20’s there was so much drama going on. Every little issue was magnified without any rationalization whatsoever. So many senseless arguments, tirades, boyfriend drama, school drama, friendly drama….I mean talk about DRAMA QUEEN (imagine, that used to be me when I thought I was soooo “mature”). 

My angry old lady self.

But, as I am getting older, little things do not get to me as much. I am calmer, more focused, blossoming, maturing, and I can read people’s intentions much better.

So instead of getting into a thug of war in my head, about how someone is going to react or if someone likes me or not, I can pretty much decipher that immediately. The best part about it is, that whether someone likes me or not is not relevant anymore. I SIMPLY DO NOT CARE!!!!

I think I am starting to like this new me after all. I have also noticed, that with the exception of this blog, I am not thinking of “me” all the time. Could it be that I am more giving and understanding??? Not that I was not before, but when you get older not everything is about yourself. You start to appreciate more those around you and for that I am grateful. The best part of this new decade in my life, is that I can finally feel accomplished. I am almost done with my Master’s degree. I am so close, I can literally smell the aroma in the air. Does it really matter that I did not become a millionaire, started a company or had a great career in my 20’s???? NOPE! I am very content with being a late bloomer. I probably would not have been able to handle it anyway at that stage in my life. But, I can handle it now. I am ready for my unplanned life. YES! no more planning for me. I am letting go and for once seeing where life takes me. You see, no matter how much planning and organizing and lists you make, life has its own agenda. So might as well enjoy the ride and do the best you can!!!

Did I say I am more patient with people??? Ah yes!!!! You see, the old me was never wrong, not very tactful or understanding ( I thought I was!!!). But, with maturity you come to realize that not everyone agrees or thinks like you, and that is ok. I can proudly say that I am more tolerant and understanding and not so quick to judge. Besides, I would not want someone doing it to me. Tolerance is so important. We have become so intolerant and judgemental of each other as humans beings. We are intolerant of Peanut Butter …So much for school lunches 😦  Yikes!  ….

Children, poverty, people who are not as gifted or smart as us, etc. And for what reason??? Mocking, acting proud or smarter than others because your beliefs are different will get you to one place….Loneliness.

So here is  a toast to the new 20 somethings  (Ahem!! 30 somethings) out there!!!

Yay!!! We’ve made it.

Happy Reading!!!!

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