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La Lagartija: My very own Inception

How ironic is it that the movie Inception happens to be one of my favorites? I have watched it over three times and I cannot get over how fascinating this movie is. The concept of creating dreams, going through different levels of that dream, to implant an idea in the subconscious sounds impossible; yet so neat.  This movie really makes me think about the kinds of dreams I have had as of late. All of these dreams seem real to me. It is only when I wake up that I realize that I was somewhere else besides my body. I do  feel like I was “traveling” to these realms.

There I was laying in bed about three days ago. Of course, I could not sleep as usual. I watched T.V. till 2 A.M. Still I could not fall asleep. This has been my nightmare for the past few years or so. I finally shut the T.V. off, and stared at the ceiling, as my husband continued to move around the bed, kicking, scratching and hitting me in the face with his hands…What was he dreaming about??? LOL

Anyway, there I was laying in the dark. I decided to try to meditate and no let my mind wander. I don’t remember falling asleep. All of a sudden I was in a jungle. I was sitting on a rock. The leaves of all the trees were neon and forest green. The leaves of the trees were so big and bright. The ground was moist and dark brown, almost like chocolate pudding. There were no flowers, no people, no swamps; just me sitting on a rock staring at a pair of hands. I did not see whose hands they were. The were floating freely without an owner. The hands were holding a small bright green reptile. In the Dominican Republic we called them “Lagartijas”.  I tried to pet the small reptile and the little creature started to bite my index finger. I could not feel pain, I only saw it unraveling the skin around my finger. It was as if he was peeling it off and the skin was continuously peeling off and disappearing. I got up from the rock and decided to get away. I wound up in an open space behind a very large grayish rock. There I saw people. They all had cream-colored suits on and most of them were men. One of them approached me and told me in an abrupt tone of voice: “You cannot be here, you must leave now”. I started to run but found myself blocked by another large rock with a symbol imprinted on it. The symbol was a spiral and it reminded me of the reptile as it was peeling off the skin off my finger. I started to panick, as I was trying to get away and could not climb this rock. This is when I started to fly. I felt my body lift up, and at the same time my body was not struggling to balance. I felt myself light as a feather, just tumbling with the wind. Feeling the breeze in my face and the fresh clean air, I smiled.  Then I closed my eyes and I woke up.

Until my next travels….

Happy Reading!!!

**Image obtained from: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://la-lagartija.com/wp-content/plugins/random-image/Lagartija-17815.jpg&imgrefurl=http://la-lagartija.com/2010/09/17/hello-world/&h=768&w=1024&sz=520&tbnid=nfcIb-X44S2QTM:&tbnh=94&tbnw=125&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dlagartija%26tbm%3Disch%26tbo%3Du&zoom=1&q=lagartija&docid=5j1zJyVXtawE4M&hl=en&sa=X&ei=w9o2Tp2INM2_tgf3-PyjDQ&ved=0CBoQ9QEwAA&dur=134

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