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The other night I had another crazy dream. I was driving my grandfather’s pick up truck to the country side in the Dominican Republic. I knew I was dreaming, because I would never drive in the Dominican Republic and big pick-up trucks scare me to death (You would not like them either if you were as short as me!) But there I was, driving through the beautiful green scenery, looking at the people outside of their homes enjoying the beautiful sunny day. All of a sudden I saw this huge water wave coming towards me. I felt so short out of breath and I began to lose control of the truck. The wave seemed to have a mind of its own and it was only aiming towards me. I managed to pull into a commercial establishment and ran inside. There, I managed to get control of my breath and reminded myself why I should not drive in foreign countries: There is no traffic control and apparently no wave control either.

I started to look around the establishment and it no longer seemed like an ordinary store. It was a very big, plain, blue room. The floor was so shiny I could see my reflection right on it. I started to walk further into the room and noticed a reception area. A middle-aged woman was sitting behind this beautifully oak-crafted reception desk. I walked up the woman and looked straight at her to see if I knew who she was. She looked back at me with very intense eyes, almost as if she was annoyed at me. She said: “Oh no. Not this time. This time you cannot get through. There is no access for you and you know that. I cannot let you through to the waiting room!”. I don’t know why I said  what I am about to write next, but this is what I said: “Please let me through. I have to get in and try to see my grandmother. I need her”. I started sobbing uncontrollably. The woman looked at me annoyed again and said: “Ugh! Here is a pass to the waiting room. It is not like you are going to get through and go to the main area anyway”. I responded: “I know. I know I am not going to heaven and I know very well where I am going!”. She showed me the way to the waiting room and I felt like I was at Penn Station in NYC.

There were people everywhere and in all corners of the room. I don’t know how all of those people were able to fit in that room and yet we were not on top of each other. There were people walking around, sitting, running, and talking to each other. It was so loud in there. Straight ahead I saw very tall doors that opened every few minutes or so. Each time the doors opened, there were many more people looking towards the waiting room. It seemed like they were waiting for the people in the waiting room. I kept trying to see if perhaps my grandmother was there trying to find me. Suddenly, a handsome, tall, dark-haired guy, with olive-green eyes, came up to me and grabbed me by my shoulders. He looked at me intently and then whispered in my left ear in a deep baritone voice: “You need to sing. You need to work with children. You need to dance”  I woke up feeling sad, but at the same time confused.

What does this all mean? Where was I? Does my subconscious know something about the afterlife that I should be aware of?

What do you think?


Happy Reading!!! 



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While there is a storm out there….My top 10 dreams


So hurricane Irene is approaching and it is getting very windy out there. We are bored!!! We are sitting around in our tiny apartment waiting to see how it will all turn out. We have our canned goods and our flash lights ready to go. It is the perfect kind of weather to think about which dreams I have had that still have an impact to this day. Unlike many people, I remember most of my dreams and try to make some sense of them. I think that some of them try to warn me or teach me a lesson. I also feel that dreams show what we are going through in our daily lives. Dreams are a very “real” part of my life. I often see people who have passed on in my dreams. I also try to communicate with them, but at times I only get to see them. Dreams are a way for me to still be able to have some contact with my late grandmother. Especially when there days that I simply cannot stop thinking about her.

Well, let’s get started with the countdown (In no specific order):

The Haunted Mansion. In this particular dream, I was in an old abandoned mansion. The walls of the house were grey and for the most part everything was falling apart. The house had a water fountain in the middle of a ball room. It was cold in the house and there were dark entities flying around me. I tried to run outside, but there was only chaos there as well. The mansion was located in the middle of a forest. All of the trees and the mountains were burning. The flames were destroying the animals and all that was around the mansion. I saw deer running from the flames, but most of them had half of their bodies already burned. Some of the deer just exploded into flames as they were running. The smell of death, cooked flesh, and burnt leaves was all around me. It is a dream that haunts me to this day.


My Great-Grandmother.  My late grandmother passed away before her mother. She was only 56 years-old. My great-grandmother was not doing very well health wise at the time of my grandmother’s death. Already in her mid 80’s,  she had lived a full life and had seen things that I wish I will be able to experience. As she grew ill from old age and diabetes, she often told family members that she spoke to my late grandmother and she knew the time was near for her to join her. I had a dream in which my grandmother came to me with my great-grandmother’s spirit before she passed away. They were both sitting on a bench in a park. My grandmother sat there just looking at me with her green eyes. I heard my grandmother tell her mother: “you see mama, you will be ale to come and visit my granddaughter”. A year later, my great-grandmother passed away. Those that were with her while she passed said,  that she often spoke of my grandmother’s spirit being there telling her that it was time for her to move on from this life.


The airport. I have had many dreams with planes and airports. There is one that still scares me to this day. It occurred about two years ago. I dreamed that I was with my grandmother and we were going on a flight to the Dominican Republic. I often traveled with my grandmother from the U.S. to the D.R., so there was nothing strange about this whatsoever. When my grandmother and I got to the ticket counter, the attendant took care of my grandmother’s ticket and she told my grandmother to go to the gate. My grandmother took her papers and her luggage and off she went through the gate. Then, it was my turn. She look at my paperwork and my passport and looked at me. She then said: “I am sorry but we cannot let you board at this time”. I was shocked and insisted that she let me through. I remember telling the attendant that I was going to miss my flight. She then proceeded to tell me : ” I am sorry, it is not your time yet. You cannot go through”.


The breakup. Unless you are a very lucky person, most of us go through breakups and heartache. I often had my fair share of these before meeting my husband. There was one instance in where I was dating someone and was not sure where the relationship was headed. I was not clear where this relationship was going and if it was going to survive at all. I was pretty upset and full of anxiety not knowing what the other person was feeling or thinking. Until one night I had a dream in which I was preparing to go on a cruise. I was going to the Caribbean with my boyfriend and some friends. We all met at the pier waiting for the cruise ship to arrive. Suddenly, I noticed that I had left my pocketbook in the car. I ran to go get my pocketbook and when I got back to the pier, I saw the cruise ship leave with everyone in it, leaving me behind. I stood on the pier all alone. Soon after that dream, the person I was dating at the time and I broke up. The dream was a warning of what was to come out of this relationship.


The Golden Gate.  This one is a bit strange. In this dream I was being led by my grandmother into a strange room. The room was quite small and it resembled a jail house. It had guards that looked like police officers. It also had a cell with golden bars. I was asked by one of the guards to sit and wait. I remember feeling confused as to why I was there, and did not understand why my grandmother would be at a jail house. My grandmother entered the jail cell with the golden bars. I looked from where I was sitting as she started to talk to some of the people who were in the cell. Long and behold, the people she was talking to were other relatives of mine that were deceased. They all looked at me and smiled and were so happy to see me. They looked peaceful, although it seemed as they were in a jail cell. I now know why I was not allowed to enter the cell and interact with them, but it was so comforting to see my relatives. Some had passed under very stressful and traumatic circumstances. I am happy that they are all blissful on the other side of the “Golden Gate”.


The nose bleed.  The day my grandmother passed was quite a strange one. I woke up as usual and was quite sad that I had to go to work LOL. I went to the bathroom and noticed I had a nose bleed. That was my first sign. I normally get nose bleeds when I am ill, under stress, or something unusual is going to happen. As I got ready to go to work, I felt that something was off. I felt very strange and did not feel well at all. Three hours later, I received a call from my mother that my grandmother had fallen ill and taken to the hospital. We all thought that she was going to be fine and that she would be home in no time at all. My mother went to her side and I stayed behind with my siblings. That evening, we got a call that my grandmother had slipped into a coma. The doctors gave us very little hope that she would come back from this state. As I went to sleep that night, I could not understand why this had happened to such a great person and such an inspiration in my life. My grandmother came to me that night. She looked so beautiful and young . She was so happy and radiant. She told me: “Look, look how long my hair is. I feel great. I am so happy”. The next day, we were told the dreadful news that she had passed. I would never forget that night when she came to me to comfort and tell me how well she felt.


My guardian angel.  Everyone has difficult times when they are a teen. I was a very depressed child. I had many traumatic experiences as a child and a teen. Like any other young person, I wanted to fit in and make friends. I had just moved back from the Dominican Republic, and I was under a lot of stress. I had some difficulties adjusting to a new culture and the way of live here in America. I also had a lot of problems with family at this time in my life. One morning, I was in between the state of being asleep and awake. I remember being very stressed in this dream, almost feeling like I was running away from something or someone. I felt agitated and out of breath. When I finally started to completely open my eyes, I noticed a white figure sitting next to me on the bed. The figure was so bright and grand. What happened next, occurred quite suddenly and it shocked me. I felt the figure move very quickly and it flew right through me, leving me breathless. It was as if the figure noticed that I was waking up and I was not supposed to see it.. I was not scared by it, or felt like it was a bad entity. I actually thought that it was my guardian angel protecting me and reassuring me that everything was going to be alright. I feel as though he or she noticed I was awakening and it did not want to scare me. I have never experienced anything like this since that time.


The Voice.  A few years ago I was going through a religious battle. I was constantly being asked to joined different churches and to attend religious meetings. I was born a Catholic and going through this period in my life was quite difficult. I did not want to attend church or believe in anything. I was confused about which religion would fit me best or which one was the “correct one”. I was invited to attend a non-denominational Christian church. I was very hesitant, as I was not sure if I would fit in, or if my beliefs would match the beliefs of this church. As the date for the meeting grew nearer, the less I wanted to attend. I was apprehensive. I remember going to sleep the day before and praying to God to advice me. I remember thinking:”What am I going to wear?” As I was getting ready to wake up, I heard the voice of a man in my ear. It was not any voice that I recognized or knew. The voice said:”God does not care what clothes you wear”. When I heard that, I jumped out of bed terrified. I thought who could be in my room speaking to me as I am sleeping?  I did go to that church meeting. However, I learned something very valuable that day. I learned that it really does not matter which religion I decide to become a part of , or if my beliefs seem weird to some people. What matters is that I have faith in God. God will accept me no matter what I wear inside or out.


Grandpa.  My grandfather is quite a difficult man. At 83 years old he has every right to be. He has lived through The Civil Rights Movement, The Hippie Movement, The Reagan Years, JFK’s Camelot, The Bush Dynasty, The Clinton Era, and now a new historical political time: The Obamas. My grandfather and I are very close. Under that cold, strict , quiet, and reserved persona of his…him and I are like one person.  A few weeks ago I was going through some difficult emotional times with my family. I did not sleep very well for weeks and was very stressed. Then, I had a dream where grandpa was not only in it but he was advising me. He held my hand and comforted me. He looked at me and told me: “talk to me, it will be o.k.”. The next day I woke up with such an urge to call him, I could barely contain myself. I could not wait another minute. The second I heard his voice, this peacefulness came over me. I felt so much better about everything that was going on. He made me laugh, he laughed for a bit, we vented to one another, and as I said goodbye to him he told me: ” Don’t worry, it will be o.k.”.


The Child.  The last dream is more of a prophecy. My husband and I have been married for three and half years. We do not have any children. We would like to have some later on in our lives. However, I often dream of being in a church with a child. Once I had a dream it was a baby girl and in another there was a little boy. In each of those dreams, it seems as if I am getting ready to baptise my child. I seem happy and at peace. Maybe one day this dream will come true 🙂


What are some of your dreams? 

As always, comments and advice is welcomed!!!! 


Happy Reading!!!


***Image obtained from: http://dreamstudies.org/wp-content/uploads/2008/07/full_moon_dreams.jpg


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A black hole

I am in love. Yes! I am in love with a little show called  Ancient Aliens. It airs on the History Channel, and I watch it all the time. There are a few reasons why I am obsessed with such show. Lets name a few:

  1. Giorgio Tsoukalos. (Handsome Ancient Alien Theorist) 🙂
  2. Giorgio Tsoukalo’s Hair 🙂
  3. Giorgio Tsoukalo’s theories of extraterrestrials and their influence on ancient people 🙂
  4. Annoying my husband with ancient alien theory 🙂
  5. It is a show based on Aliens and I love the paranormal 🙂

Ok. So Giorgio is a consulting producer of the show and he is also the editor of “Legendary Times”, a journal based on ancient alien theory.

I enjoy  theories of black holes: region of space where nothing escapes. Around a black hole there is a surface called an event horizon that marks the point of no return. It is called “black” because it absorbs all the light that hits the horizon, reflecting nothing (See: Wikipedia.com/Black hole). The show indicates how aliens may be able to travel through these black holes and are, or were able to come to Earth. The theories go as far as aliens being responsible for ancient temples and providing the tools and the information needed to build such wonders. It is believed that our ancestors were visited and inspired by aliens, and that even great prophets may have been descendants of aliens.  Therefore, some of these great prophets were able to inspire people, educate the world on how to live, and even ascend into “heaven” which was actually a spacecraft. So there are no angels with wings, or magic carpets, or genies. These were aliens that resembled people and educated our ancestors.

Ok. Let me start with my discussion of the issues I am finding with these theories.

Yes. Our ancestors may have not had the tools, education or resources, to be able to build such monuments like the pyramids of Egypt. However, who is to say that they were not advanced? All we can go by is the historical records. We were no there to physically analyze what types of people they were or where they got their inspirations. I do not think it is fair to say “they were too dumb to come up with that”.

Yes. In the beginning nature  may have done some experimentation before humans came into the picture. Like creating half human and half donkey types of people, or mermaids. There is a reason why humans have had this idea engraved in their heads, and I do belive it is not a coincidence. I do believe that all life began in water. However, there are theories that state that aliens experimented with humans and animals before creating us. I am not sure about alien experimentation, but we must also account for evolution and extinction. There may have been animals that resembled a half  human and half goat, but they simply went extinct and unfortunately there is no evidence. Also, as much as I love hearing about the possibility of another life in another planet…Why would aliens come here to help us? What was their motive?  Why give us the power and the knowledge that makes “them” advanced?

I have heard theories that we may be aliens and part of our DNA may be alien. This is far-fetched but may not be so far-fetched. We are the only mammals that actually have a conscience and a very advanced brain. Also, most of our DNA is mostly a bunch of repetitive “junk”, so where did the actual “human” part come from? Again, we must give credit to evolution. If we were able to evolve from a tiny cell, why not evolve into the species we are today?

Lastly, all these theories about aliens visiting us and inspiring us makes me a bit uneasy. Our ancestors used art to represent what they saw in their daily lives. They drew what they saw. If they saw human like figures with wings and described it as an angel, it probably was. If they drew a magic carpet, it probably was a carpet and not a spacecraft. I think that sometimes we must read the messages for what they are, instead of over analyzing. All of these theories about how angels visiting Earth were nothing more than extraterrestrials, does not sit well with me. We must give credit to our ancestors. This does not confirm the fact that worship of a God or many Gods, has been a part of cultures from the beginning of time. It is something that I believe is encoded in our DNA.

If angels do not exist, what happens to those great shows like A Haunting or Paranormal State? They have loads of evidence of ghosts and demons. It may be debatable evidence but so are these theories.

On the other hand, I do believe that the universe is expanding and the possibilities are endless. There may  be other forms of life out there, but we must honor and credit our ancestors. By the way, I do enjoy this show very much and respect the theories presented. But after watching these theories I felt I was in  a Black Hole 😦

Happy Reading!!!!

***Images were obtained from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_hole  and  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angels.