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Reaching out for the good in life

Last night I had a horrific nightmare. (PLEASE DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE PRONE TO SCARE EASILY)

I woke up in the middle of the night, sweaty and scared to death! I could not catch my breath, and the horror of what I just had seen would not go away from my mind.

I woke up my husband and began to sob like a child. There was nothing that could comfort me and to be honest I am still freaked out by this dream. I was so tempted to call my mother in AZ, but due to the time difference it would had worried her.

I dreamed that I was in very dark room in what appeared to be a castle. The room was cold and I could barely see right in front of me. I kept seeing ghosts walking in front of me but could not tell who they were or what they wanted.  It seemed that they were just walking without any purpose and it was a tactic by an evil presence to scare me.

I saw one of my younger brothers (who is 15-years-old and is also a twin) laying in a bed in a horrific state…He was possessed by a demon. Worst of all he kept taunting me and looking straight at me as to antagonize me. His teeth were pointy and his face kept changing to that of a monster. I felt the presence of something very evil around me and I felt lonely and scared. I kept looking around for help but there was no one I could reach out to. I truly felt like the presence of God was no were to be found. I kept praying over and over for protection. But the more I prayed the sadder and scarier I felt.  It was not until I yelled in my dream: “In the name of Jesus Christ, whatever is not supposed to be here must leave and leave me in peace”, that I woke up scared, vulnerable and shaken.

My husband tried to comfort me, but I was shaking uncontrollably. I tried to go about my day the best I could, but the memory of this dream keeps coming back and each time it scares me even more. I  never again want to feel like the presence of God is nowhere to be found and coldness and loneliness prevails.

I normally try to rationalize what the dream means or what I am going through in my life that would trigger such a dream. This time I just prayed. Maybe there are things we are not supposed to know and this is a serious warning. I don’t know and I don’t want to know. I just want the peace and clarity that prayer and the presence of good brings into my life.

The meaning of this dream is not relevant. Things will happen as they should and sometimes there is nothing we can do to prevent it. All I can do is surrender to God and let him take charge. I never again want to be without his love, his presence, his mercy and his comfort.  I know for sure there is evil in this world and there is also good in the world. We must reach out for the good in any manner or belief that we may have. We cannot let ourselves be so ignorant of this and leave opportunities for negativity, anxiety, jealousy, envy or plain ugly to invade our lives. Sometimes we must surrender and look for the good in ourselves, but most of all in others.

Happy Reading!!!!

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The Importance of Holding Him Tightly

A frightening nightmare I dreamed last night.

I dreamed that my husband and I were in my old home, in the Dominican Republic.

For some odd reason, we started to argue. The argument got heated and he stormed off with all of his belongings.

I sat down in the balcony of my old house, took a deep breath, looked at the beautiful scenery and started to sob. Michael had left for good and he was not coming back. As the realization that my partner of six years had left me started to sink in, all I could do is sit there in disbelief and continued to cry. I remember thinking to myself: “how is my life going to go on? Why did he leave me? ” I could not understand what was happening and began to see other people sitting there with me. I felt their stares judging me and making me feel it was my fault that my husband had left me.  As a panic attack started to emerge and I started to feel deep chest pains, I suddenly woke up.

It was 7:30 AM and I woke up in a cold, icy cold, room. I turned to get some warmth from my husband but he was not there. I vaguely started to remember that he had stated he was going to the grocery store early, so he can get back home and watch sports. But why would he leave without saying good-bye or at least giving me a kiss good-bye?

I laid in bed for a few more hours. I was too tired to get up. I looked over at the clock which showed a time of 9:30 AM…..”9:30 AM!!!!! Where is Michael???” I thought to myself.

I proceeded to text him. I waited a few minutes and no response. I texted him again asking where he was. Again, I was disappointed that I did not get an answer. I proceeded to call him and got his voicemail. I called him again and got the same result. I was panicking at this point.

I got up and ran into the living room. I started to feel my chest pounding and my breaths getting shorter and shorter. I saw his gym bag sitting at the dinning room table, so there was no way he could have gone to the gym. “Where is he?” I thought to myself.

I noticed the aggressive winds and the rain from the storm we had this morning. Now I was really freaking out! “Where could he had gone and why was he not home yet?” I continued to think to myself. He never takes more than one hour to go food shopping. I started to feel a deep knot in my stomach and started to think the worse. I ran into the bedroom, put on some clothes and ran outside to look for him.

As I ran outside, I started to pray to God to please protect my husband, to please make sure that I find him quickly and with no harm. I started to think how much I love him and how I do not want to spend the rest of my life without him. He is all I have. He is my partner and my best friend.

Once in the car, I heard my cell phone….It was Michael! “Thank you Lord!” I shouted!

He was at the gym and did not hear the phone. He had kissed me good-bye but I was in a deep sleep to remember.  For all the pain and suffering he put me through, he brought home a bouquet of sunflowers for me and whispered “I am sorry” a dozen times. I don’t think I will ever forget this day and my horrific nightmare which I thought came true.

My husband is safe. My husband is well….I will hold him tightly.

Happy Reading!!!!

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The middle plane

I laid in bed the other night. As I laid there, I closed my eyes and went into a deep relaxed sleep. I felt and heard myself breath slowly…Inhaling and exhaling. I was trying to make my body rest after an exhausting day. I did not want to think about anything or anyone. As I was falling asleep, I was transported to a different world, maybe a different universe, a different plane? I am not sure where I was. I was sure I was not home anymore. I was not in VA laying next to my husband. I was not underneath my warm, navy colored, fleece blanket. I no longer heard the dog bark and growl in the middle of her sleep. I was no longer in me.

I looked around and I saw many trees. They were dull, black and had no leaves. It was not cold or hot, and yet it felt like winter. The ground and the scenery were all white, the air felt light but heavy at the same time. I felt like I was in a winter wonderland with a lot of snow. But there was no snow and there was no cold air. My heart started to palpitate faster and faster. I felt like I was having a panic attack. I felt so lost. I started to walk trying to get out, but everything was so foggy and white. The ground felt soft and fluffy. The fog was so white and dense. I could not see far at all…just the dark, leaf-less trees around me. I felt scared and chased by them. It was as if the trees were taunting me. As I started to walk, I noticed a lake in the middle of this all-white, fog-filled, forest. The lake was not blue, but it was very clear; almost see-through. I could see everything in it. I could see where the lake started and where it ended. I could see how deep and wide it was; and yet I was not in the lake. I felt a presence next to me, but I was too scared to look up and see who or what it was. We did not exchange words, or glances, or stares; but I knew it was telling me to look into the lake. As I looked deeper into this crystal clear all-white lake, I noticed there were people-like figures swimming in it. But the figures in the lake did not seem like real people. They were more like entities or spirits. They almost blended in with the fog, which was also inside some parts of the lake, making it look so white and so peaceful. But the people in this lake were not happy, or sad. They looked restrained…They all looked so unemotional.

I finally woke up sweating and trying to catch my breath. I could not believe what I had just dreamed or seen, nor could I explain it. Was it Hell or Heaven? Was it Purgatory or a different plane? Was my spirit on Earth when all of this was happening? I don’t know, but this dream haunted me all week. I cannot get it out of my head. The fog, the trees, the unemotional spirits swimming in the lake. I wonder who or what was showing me these things? What was it trying to show me? Is this some middle plane for lost souls? Is this were we go in the after-life? Is there even a place like this?

What do you think?

Happy Reading!!!

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