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Baby It’s Groundhog Day!!!!

I was not a happy camper when last night my husband and I decided to go out to dinner. As I expected To my surprise, as soon as we opened the door an extreme cold breeze hit my face and chilled my bones. WHAT HAPPENED???!!! Just a few hours before, the weather was cloudy with some rain but warm. So how did it go from almost 70 degrees to 40 degrees in a manner of hours??? WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?

Well, I will tell you what is going on. It does not look good for us, since we have to move in a few months in what appears to be snow conditions. Yes! I just heard that we are meeting Mr. Winter and Mrs. Snow early this year. Plus, January is an awful cold, snowy month here in the good old East. (Besides the icicle conditions, I will miss PA very much!!). Oh, and did I mention that in the midst of dear old crazy psycho weather, I have midterms. YUCK!!!

Please do not believe I do not like winter. I love a nice hot cup of cocoa and marshmallows. I love sitting by a nice fire and looking at the snow. I just don’t like shoveling or driving in the snow, or the thought that it might be here sooner that I would like it to be.

In fact, lately it seems like Groundhog day in my household. My husband wakes up, takes the dog out and heads to work. I take her out in the middle of the afternoon, in what seems to be nice fall weather. My husband comes home, we go out….BOOM!!! COLD CHILL!! Come back home, study for midterms.

Next day. My husband wakes up, takes the dog out and heads to work. I take her out in the middle of the afternoon, in what seems to be nice fall weather. My husband comes home. We go out….BOOM!!! COLD CHILL!! Come back home, study for midterms.

Next day…you get the point.

I am waiting to see Phil jump out at me and say: “HA!… You ‘ve been PUNKED! …Let’s dance the Pennsylvania Polka!

http://youtu.be/WCXwTcZ1mAA (Watch this video 🙂  )


Well, I guess it is time to farewell Ms. Fall and welcome Mr. Winter. Thanks Phil! I will pay attention to your predictions next year…I promise!!!

Happy Reading!!!!

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What I already know

We hear repetitive things all the time. That does not mean that we grasp them, pay attention to them, or care to notice. Sometimes we need reinforcement. The best answer, is the answer that we already know but fail to admit we know.

On my previous posts, I spoke about having strange dreams. In one of them, my grandfather appeared and informed me that he wanted to move. I am not sure if it was because in the dream I was being burglarized, or the stress of my life at the time, but he did mention that he wanted to move to another state. He showed me a piece of paper. In that piece of paper he had written two states: Iowa and Virginia. Well I had long guessed that my husband’s next duty station would be Virginia, since there are no ships in Iowa, and this dream confirmed it for me. Plus, Iowa was never on the table as an option. Funny….It is strange that many of my dreams are prophecies for me, or are they?  Maybe these dreams are just repeating what I already know very deep within my soul.

So, yes we are moving to Virginia. The news came to no surprise. However, it was bittersweet to my ears. The first time we moved to VA, I will admit I was not happy there. I was going through a difficult time with my husband being deployed, planning a wedding for our families, working 12-hour shifts, and driving to NJ every weekend. I was also going through a terrible time at my job at the time and was applying for Grad School. This time, I am still not a fan of where we are going, but I do have friends there that have recently moved to the area where we will be stationed. I also have some old friends I made while living there, so I am very hopeful that I will enjoy residing there a bit more this time. I am not planning a wedding or big event, and I can focus on my school work while my husband is deployed. This should definitely be a plus. I have also matured more and have a better understanding on what it takes to be a military spouse.

On the other hand, I already know that this semester is going to be a nightmare. My semester started yesterday, with one computer programming class and two Bioinformatics classes. They are advance, graduate level classes. They all require tons of reading, home work, midterms, and finals. So, not only will I be stressed out with the level of work, but I will also be hyperventilating while thinking about these tests. I am a terrible test taker!!!!

Wish me luck!!!!

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