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The Honeymoon Phase

Today is our anniversary!!!

My husband and I are officially married for four years. So in hollywood terms we are married a lifetime LOL.

By officially married, I mean that a justice of the priest peace married us. Oh, and have I ever mentioned that we got married twice!!! Yes, Indeed.

Like many military households, my husband and I had a civil wedding and then opted for the traditional wedding in a church with our families. So we have two anniversaries.

Why do many military men and women have two weddings, you may ask?

Well for many military men and women is a security thing. If the sailor, marine, soldier, etc…. is away, then it gives them the security that their family and significant other is protected while they are serving our country. Most of our military men and women are stationed in other states, and at times other countries, than their extended families. Therefore, knowing that the person they are coming home to, significant other, partner, etc…has access to services and benefits is a big plus. Also, once they come home they can then celebrate with their extended families and maybe even get married again!

So which anniversary do we celebrate?

We tend to celebrate March 14th, our civil ceremony, since it really was the most romantic wedding of the two. I remember getting up that morning and picking up our rings from the mall. We got nicely dressed and went to the justice of the peace. Afterwards, I believe we went to Applebees but we may have gone to Romano’s Macaroni Grill or Cheesecake Factory? Don’t shoot me, but I don’t remember. All I remember is how happy and complete we both felt. I know it sounds terribly cheesy, but it is the truth. We are still very much in that “completeness” honeymoon phase. We cannot wait to be with each other. But, the best thing about our first wedding was that it was a very relaxing, peaceful day, with no drama, no dress fittings, and no constant picture posing that happens in traditional weddings. The only thing I regret is not having at least one picture of that day. We did not want to spoil the other big wedding that was coming up. But at least we have the great memory of what this day meant to each other.

Why do I think my husband is so special?

I feel very blessed to have met my husband. I waited quite while to be this happy. It really was love at first sight. I knew I was going to marry him when I first met him. Something just told me. Within six months of meeting my husband not only were we living together, we were also engaged. Eight months after we met, we were married. We could no longer wait to finally “officially” be together.

What advice can I give to single people out there?

If I can mention a moral or lesson to this story to any woman/man out there searching for the right partner, I would say do not despair he/she will come when it is time. Once they come, get ready for an awesome roller coaster ride. Also, when the right person comes along you definitely know that they are the right person. I could not understand this either when I was single. I did not get how you just know, but trust me you do. There is a feeling and a hunch like you never experienced before. Not even when you first thought you were in love. So in the meantime think as if you are just not ready yet and try to have as much fun as you can.

Happy Reading!!!

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Prince Charming Is Overrated…Marry The Villain



Most little girls dream of one thing when they grow up….and that is to find and marry their Prince Charming.   Can you blame us? From the time we are born it is engraved in our brains that we must find a suitable partner and procreate…Oh and live happily ever after. All of the movies that are targeted at us (Disney) show a model of damsel in distress and Prince Charming to the rescue in his white horse.

On the other hand, the villain is always portrayed as evil, wealthy or wanting to acquire wealth, and obsessing over having the damsel or princess for himself. But when we grow up and become women…Don’t we want a guy that has goals, ambitions, and a man that obsesses over us? And let’s face it, a little dough would not be so bad. Not that Prince Charming does not have wealth in the stories, but most of the time he is wealthy through his parents (King and Queen). That is a major issue for me.

The villain is the only one in these stories that is an actual entrepreneur, or could be a corporate executive these days. He does not wait to be handed an inheritance…he takes it or already has it. He may not succeed at the end of the tale, but throughout the story he is willing to work hard, he is determined to reach his goal, and at times failure does not stop him from continuing to try. Granted, in the stories the villain may not be ethical all the time and he may have a very bad reputation. But in all seriousness, it seems to me that we have been cheering for the wrong guy all along. If you are single, you know what I mean because I was there too at one point. Finding a guy that is hardworking, that obsesses over you, is a go getter, and does not let failure stop him is almost impossible; yet he would be the villain in most of these fairy tales.

I am going to brag a little here about my villain. I knew I had married the villain when he stood up for me plenty of times and was not afraid to speak out to family or whoever crossed him. He does not have the nickname “Napoleon” for no reason LOL. He is a go getter, has many goals, is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in, loves me dearly, works hard, did not come from wealth; but is not afraid to work hard and live comfortably.  He is a realist and keeps me grounded. He has a good heart and gives back when he can. What more can I ask for?  Prince Charming can take his white horse and go back to his castle to live with his parents. I am very happy with my villain.

Afterall, wouldn’t life be boring if we did not have a partner that challenged us and allowed us to be ourselves and maybe let us save the day once in a while?  That is what I like about my villain.  He treats me as his equal but at the same time knows when to protect me. There is no pressure that we have to procreate or even live happily ever after. I do not have to be perfect for our relationship to be GREAT.

Let me know your thoughts!


Happy Reading!!!! 


***Image obtained from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Villain