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At the Nail Salon

The funny thing about dreams is how real they can seem. We can try to read into them or analyze them, but in the end we are more confused than when we are actually dreaming them.

The other night I had a very bizarre dream that left me confused and with more questions than answers.

It started with me walking into a nail salon???!!! WHAT! HAHAHHA I am laughing as I am writing this piece.

Yes, a NAIL SALON! I guess my guides, angels or spirits are telling me that I need a Spa day ASAP.

Anyway. as I entered into the salon I remembered everything being so sunny and bright. The background seemed orange color or yellowish. There were fans placed on the floor of the salon to cool everyone off, but it was not hot. The temperature was warm, but comfortable. It did not feel humid, hot or even uncomfortable. The air had a sweet aroma.

In the salon there were also these long hoses that were attached to tanks. They had oil in them. But not just any body oil. It was warm, clear and the fragrance was clean, smooth and not overpowering. It smelled like coconut, spices and citrus.

I was asked by the receptionist to sit at a table to get my nails done. She was young and very sweet, with long black hair and fair complexions. The technician smiled at me and asked me politely, again, to have a seat. He was friendly, of Vietnamese or Asian ethnic background. He had a very cool haircut. Almost like a long bob with highlights. As I sat down I took deep breath and he held both of my hands. He started to massage the oil into my hands and wrist. I kept thinking: “When is going to file my nails down or cut my cuticles? Should I get a pedicure?”

The technician proceeded to look at my hands and he took my right hand as he put the left one down on the table. He pulled at my fingers and said “There is nursing in your life. Your cousin is a nurse and she will take care of you when you are old”. I was perplexed as I was not sure what he was talking about. He then took the left hand and said “Ahhh. You want to get your PhD, but you are letting outside influences interfere with your life. I see T.V. or something with T.V. or Clinical Psychology”.

I quickly woke up confused and scared. Did I just get a palm reading in my dream? As it turns out it seems that I went for more than a manicure in my dream and it has left a very big impression on me. I am not sure how to interpret or read this one. The only thing I can say is that I do have a few cousins that are nurses. I do not know where the T.V. or Clinical Psych came in, but it could be something that I stored somewhere in my brain and it came out in this dream.

Dreams can be tricky and we can either ignore them or try to read into them. But maybe this dream is saying to me to leave things alone. Just leave things alone and let life unfold. You will be taken care of. Everything will be alright.

Happy Reading!!!


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Hello March???!!!!

I cannot believe it is March already! Where did February go?

So much happened in the month of February that I feel like I am barely catching up to myself!!!

Also, Wow is it cold out here in VA! When is it going to stop snowing??? It seems that there is a storm right around the corner each week!  Someone must have really ticked off Jack Frost!

My anxiety levels have been really high lately. I received a promotion and then I had to turn it down. It was in Austin, TX and it would have been too stressful for my husband and I to be apart, with the extension that is upon us from the Navy; unbeknown to us until recently.  Yes! we are being extended here in VA for at least another 3 years!  I was so disappointed and as you can imagine so was my employer. Things are not so great at work and I am holding on with faith until something better comes along. My husband and I have been going to our local Catholic church and we have met with a wonderful priest there. He is witty, funny and his sermons are very entertaining and  unconventional to say the least. Each week I look for sources of inspiration that would help me move forward…Life goes on!  This priest, however, has really motivated us to continue our spiritual growth and not just focus on tradition and dogma.

I did have a dream the other night that I was walking through a beautiful valley with, what I believe was, Jesus/God? I did not see a face. Only that the person I was walking with was male, very tall, and had sandals on his feet and a robe on. As we walked side by side, he held my hand and told me: “You need to take it down a notch!”….I woke up the next morning and started to laugh so hard. Even God had to tell me to calm down!

On other news, I loved watching the Winter Olympics this year;  except, once again, I hated the uniforms for the US Team! The tops looked like tacky Christmas sweaters from twenty years ago. I was happy that the events were held in Sochi, Russia. I do realize that Russia and the US have had an icy past and a lukewarm present. However, I was happy for the people of Russia. They have been through so much strife, poverty and uncertainty, that it was refreshing to see such a special event take place in their homeland.

And as I am concluding this post, I am watching The Academy Awards, aka The Oscars. What can I say….Gravity is taking it all as well as 12 Years A Slave, and Lupita is gorgeous. However, Jared Leto has given the best speech thus far. His reference to those struggling in the Ukraine and Venezuela warmed my heart, as well as his constant mentioning of his mother which makes any girl tear up.

Happy Reading!!! 

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2014 Here we go!

Happy New Year!!!

I am so excited for this new year and all the wonderful things that it is going to bring.

I know it! I know it is going to be a good year. I feel it in the air. It feels like I have taken my dark sunglasses off and I am able to see things clearer. I know you feel it too.

My husband and I decided to start the year right and give thanks the our Creator. We attended mass and plan to attend as often as we can to lift our spirits and appreciate all that we have.  As we sat there listening to the priest give his sermon, I was shocked to hear him say that he was anxiously waiting for the Downtown Abbey premier. I have never seen the show, but it is a good sign to listen to a priest with such a great sense of humor. The service was so light, funny and finally entertaining with a strong spiritual message: God leads us into the most unexpected paths! I know 2014 is going to be one of those unexpected paths for me.

In addition, last night was a good indication that it is going to be not just a good year but a spectacular one as well. I dreamed of my late grandmother. Oh, how I love having dreams with her in them. I spoke with her for a moment, but I do not remember what was said. All I remember is that we walked through a beautiful, very high cliff. From the top of that cliff I could see a lake and people swimming in it and having the best time. The lake was very clear. I could see the very bottom of the lake from where I was standing and I could see how deep it was. I remember thinking “Wow! That lake is so deep. I would drown swimming in there!”. But for some reason I did not feel scared or anxious that I would fall into it. The opposite is true. I felt so happy and comfortable walking at the edge of that cliff and seeing how calm and clear the water was. My grandmother gave me a guitar and asked me to play something for her. I do not know how to play an instrument so I am not sure why she asked me to play. However, in the dream I started to play so confidently and well. I was surprised as I was playing all sorts of songs and started to move with the music. I never felt so happy in a dream.

It is not the first time I have heard music or singing in my dreams. Personally, I think it is a good sign that abundance, brilliance and happiness is upon us. I felt so joyful and I know that I will feel that way again at some point this year. My mind and spirit have never been so positive. I know that we are here to create, explore, make mistakes and start over. I know that we are on the right path already and that the most important thing is to share and feel love. I know that this year will be a manifestation of all those things I have mentioned and more.

Happy Reading and Cheers to a Brilliant Year!!!

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Reaching out for the good in life

Last night I had a horrific nightmare. (PLEASE DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE PRONE TO SCARE EASILY)

I woke up in the middle of the night, sweaty and scared to death! I could not catch my breath, and the horror of what I just had seen would not go away from my mind.

I woke up my husband and began to sob like a child. There was nothing that could comfort me and to be honest I am still freaked out by this dream. I was so tempted to call my mother in AZ, but due to the time difference it would had worried her.

I dreamed that I was in very dark room in what appeared to be a castle. The room was cold and I could barely see right in front of me. I kept seeing ghosts walking in front of me but could not tell who they were or what they wanted.  It seemed that they were just walking without any purpose and it was a tactic by an evil presence to scare me.

I saw one of my younger brothers (who is 15-years-old and is also a twin) laying in a bed in a horrific state…He was possessed by a demon. Worst of all he kept taunting me and looking straight at me as to antagonize me. His teeth were pointy and his face kept changing to that of a monster. I felt the presence of something very evil around me and I felt lonely and scared. I kept looking around for help but there was no one I could reach out to. I truly felt like the presence of God was no were to be found. I kept praying over and over for protection. But the more I prayed the sadder and scarier I felt.  It was not until I yelled in my dream: “In the name of Jesus Christ, whatever is not supposed to be here must leave and leave me in peace”, that I woke up scared, vulnerable and shaken.

My husband tried to comfort me, but I was shaking uncontrollably. I tried to go about my day the best I could, but the memory of this dream keeps coming back and each time it scares me even more. I  never again want to feel like the presence of God is nowhere to be found and coldness and loneliness prevails.

I normally try to rationalize what the dream means or what I am going through in my life that would trigger such a dream. This time I just prayed. Maybe there are things we are not supposed to know and this is a serious warning. I don’t know and I don’t want to know. I just want the peace and clarity that prayer and the presence of good brings into my life.

The meaning of this dream is not relevant. Things will happen as they should and sometimes there is nothing we can do to prevent it. All I can do is surrender to God and let him take charge. I never again want to be without his love, his presence, his mercy and his comfort.  I know for sure there is evil in this world and there is also good in the world. We must reach out for the good in any manner or belief that we may have. We cannot let ourselves be so ignorant of this and leave opportunities for negativity, anxiety, jealousy, envy or plain ugly to invade our lives. Sometimes we must surrender and look for the good in ourselves, but most of all in others.

Happy Reading!!!!

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No Access

The other night I had another crazy dream. I was driving my grandfather’s pick up truck to the country side in the Dominican Republic. I knew I was dreaming, because I would never drive in the Dominican Republic and big pick-up trucks scare me to death (You would not like them either if you were as short as me!) But there I was, driving through the beautiful green scenery, looking at the people outside of their homes enjoying the beautiful sunny day. All of a sudden I saw this huge water wave coming towards me. I felt so short out of breath and I began to lose control of the truck. The wave seemed to have a mind of its own and it was only aiming towards me. I managed to pull into a commercial establishment and ran inside. There, I managed to get control of my breath and reminded myself why I should not drive in foreign countries: There is no traffic control and apparently no wave control either.

I started to look around the establishment and it no longer seemed like an ordinary store. It was a very big, plain, blue room. The floor was so shiny I could see my reflection right on it. I started to walk further into the room and noticed a reception area. A middle-aged woman was sitting behind this beautifully oak-crafted reception desk. I walked up the woman and looked straight at her to see if I knew who she was. She looked back at me with very intense eyes, almost as if she was annoyed at me. She said: “Oh no. Not this time. This time you cannot get through. There is no access for you and you know that. I cannot let you through to the waiting room!”. I don’t know why I said  what I am about to write next, but this is what I said: “Please let me through. I have to get in and try to see my grandmother. I need her”. I started sobbing uncontrollably. The woman looked at me annoyed again and said: “Ugh! Here is a pass to the waiting room. It is not like you are going to get through and go to the main area anyway”. I responded: “I know. I know I am not going to heaven and I know very well where I am going!”. She showed me the way to the waiting room and I felt like I was at Penn Station in NYC.

There were people everywhere and in all corners of the room. I don’t know how all of those people were able to fit in that room and yet we were not on top of each other. There were people walking around, sitting, running, and talking to each other. It was so loud in there. Straight ahead I saw very tall doors that opened every few minutes or so. Each time the doors opened, there were many more people looking towards the waiting room. It seemed like they were waiting for the people in the waiting room. I kept trying to see if perhaps my grandmother was there trying to find me. Suddenly, a handsome, tall, dark-haired guy, with olive-green eyes, came up to me and grabbed me by my shoulders. He looked at me intently and then whispered in my left ear in a deep baritone voice: “You need to sing. You need to work with children. You need to dance”  I woke up feeling sad, but at the same time confused.

What does this all mean? Where was I? Does my subconscious know something about the afterlife that I should be aware of?

What do you think?


Happy Reading!!! 



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The middle plane

I laid in bed the other night. As I laid there, I closed my eyes and went into a deep relaxed sleep. I felt and heard myself breath slowly…Inhaling and exhaling. I was trying to make my body rest after an exhausting day. I did not want to think about anything or anyone. As I was falling asleep, I was transported to a different world, maybe a different universe, a different plane? I am not sure where I was. I was sure I was not home anymore. I was not in VA laying next to my husband. I was not underneath my warm, navy colored, fleece blanket. I no longer heard the dog bark and growl in the middle of her sleep. I was no longer in me.

I looked around and I saw many trees. They were dull, black and had no leaves. It was not cold or hot, and yet it felt like winter. The ground and the scenery were all white, the air felt light but heavy at the same time. I felt like I was in a winter wonderland with a lot of snow. But there was no snow and there was no cold air. My heart started to palpitate faster and faster. I felt like I was having a panic attack. I felt so lost. I started to walk trying to get out, but everything was so foggy and white. The ground felt soft and fluffy. The fog was so white and dense. I could not see far at all…just the dark, leaf-less trees around me. I felt scared and chased by them. It was as if the trees were taunting me. As I started to walk, I noticed a lake in the middle of this all-white, fog-filled, forest. The lake was not blue, but it was very clear; almost see-through. I could see everything in it. I could see where the lake started and where it ended. I could see how deep and wide it was; and yet I was not in the lake. I felt a presence next to me, but I was too scared to look up and see who or what it was. We did not exchange words, or glances, or stares; but I knew it was telling me to look into the lake. As I looked deeper into this crystal clear all-white lake, I noticed there were people-like figures swimming in it. But the figures in the lake did not seem like real people. They were more like entities or spirits. They almost blended in with the fog, which was also inside some parts of the lake, making it look so white and so peaceful. But the people in this lake were not happy, or sad. They looked restrained…They all looked so unemotional.

I finally woke up sweating and trying to catch my breath. I could not believe what I had just dreamed or seen, nor could I explain it. Was it Hell or Heaven? Was it Purgatory or a different plane? Was my spirit on Earth when all of this was happening? I don’t know, but this dream haunted me all week. I cannot get it out of my head. The fog, the trees, the unemotional spirits swimming in the lake. I wonder who or what was showing me these things? What was it trying to show me? Is this some middle plane for lost souls? Is this were we go in the after-life? Is there even a place like this?

What do you think?

Happy Reading!!!

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Last night my husband and I watched some of the Disney movies marathon on ABC Family. We watched Aladdin, Cinderella, Lady and The Tramp and Alice in Wonderland. We definitely went back in time on a flying carpet and followed the White Rabbit. The concept, graphics, and the story lines of most of these films are different from what we see today in children films. Way different!!! And yet, it is that simplicity that captivates me to keep watching them. For the most part, these films have a princess that needs rescuing or the hero/heroine wins the day. However, there are underlying messages as well like perseverance, endurance, going after your dreams and taking ownership.

Alice in Wonderland takes you into a complete new world created by the imagination and subconscious of a little girl who is dreaming. I often blog about dreams and how wild they can be. But dreams are tricky because they often represent our wants and desires. They can also represent our fears and worries. Dreams can also represent what we are living in the present. I have had some really crazy dreams in which I interact with those who have passed, and what I am going through in the present. Unfortunately, my stress level has been so high that I haven’t been having any good dreams as of late. Sometimes, we just can not get a way from what is going on in our lives and it follows us into our dreams, causing us not to have “sweet” dreams. These types of dreams tend to turn into nightmares, and unfortunately they are similar to our real-life situations.

As of  now, I can definitely relate to Alice. In a scene of the movie, she says that in her world nothing would make sense and it would be a complete wonderland. That is how I feel as of late. It seems that nothing makes sense. What should be, it is not…If you know what I mean. Luckily for Alice, she gets to wake up from her wacky dream/nightmare and go on with her life dreaming up new wonderous lands. She quickly realizes that what she wanted the most, a world that made no sense at all, became too much to endure. For some of us, we are still stuck in the same old dream and not waking up. What will it take? How much more can we endure? Somethings are not, because they simply should not be.

Happy Reading!!!

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Last night I dreamed I was drowning. It was quite scary I must admit. I was near a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains and rocks. In the middle of the mountains was this small lake that seemed very shallow. As I attempted to cross it to meet someone on the other side, I suddenly fell into the deep part of the lake and started to drown. It was very sudden and I had no warning that the deep part of the lake was one step ahead of me. I tried to kick and use my arms to save myself, and eventually I managed to reach the surface. I survived!

Funny enough, that dream is exactly how I feel today. Thus far, I have survived a terrible year of many ups and downs, moving, my husband’s deployment, not-so-friendly people, false starts, family issues, getting my Masters Degree, illness, a snake in my apartment, fleas on my poor dog….And yet I am still here. Somehow I will get across that lake and hopefully I will climb one of the mountains in my dream. Unfortunately, it is just not my time yet and I need to exercise patience and gratitude. Each day is a new day to start again and do things better, and that is all I can ask for.

Holidays are also like a lake that is waiting to be crossed: you are either going to drown or swim and cross over. Each year my husband and I try our best to think of everyone and buy gifts for most. But each year the budget gets smaller and smaller, and it is so hard to make everyone happy. How does one determine when enough is enough, or if one gift will suffice  for one person instead of twenty gifts? I know we will get through it like every year, but I just don’t know how families on a limited income are expected to buy and give more and more each year. Holidays are not even suppose to be about gifts, so when did it become this buy or die situation?

On the other hand, one of my favorite holidays is coming up soon…Thanksgiving. You are not expected to buy gifts for this holiday, but there is a lot of eating and cooking to do. How often do we forget to actually give “Thanks”? Many of us should be thankful to be alive, especially for those of us on the East Coast that survived hurricane Sandy. For those of us that were ok and did not lose power or got flooded, we crossed that devious lake from my dream with no issues. We made it one more day! Isn’t that enough to give thanks and be grateful?

Happy Reading!!!  🙂


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Things I would love to do if I was a fairy

Hello there! I have been gone for too long. My school work has definitely earned an award for kicking my butt and I am exhausted. My husband is home for a short amount of time and I have been trying to squeeze in some time with him. Although my time with him has been mostly running errands and visiting family, which means more exhaustion, I am happy he is here with me for this very limited time.

Anyway, I am too tired to talk about what has happened or happening in my “real” life, why not think about something random…like what would I do if I was a fairy???!!!

Oh come on…we all do it. We dream about magical super powers, being superhero, what about if I can just make money appear?? That sort of thing. Besides, with all of the supernatural shows on T.V. as of late, it is fitting that I blog about something related to this topic.

Well my little supernatural fantasy, aside from being an athlete, is definitely being a fairy. Now please understand that some folks out there do belive in them, and that they actually have healing powers. I do not know much about this area or belief system, so please forgive me. I am going to be talking about the fairy powers that I would like to have if I were like Tinker Bell. So with this in mind, let us have a little laugh and do not forget to share what your supernatural fantasies may be 🙂

So here we go:

1. I would love to shape shift and change my name according to how I feel. Besides the confusion, teasing, and amusement that I would get, in this world I get to be many things. Just think…no loans, credit cards or contracts would be under my name, since I can be someone else tomorrow. Besides, in this little fantasy world everyone would share. So no need to have money on hand or worry about bills.

2. I would have some kick ass wings! I would like some really nice long wings, with lots of feathers. So no need for airplanes or helicopters. I can fly myself thank you very much! But besides flying around in my glamorous wings, wouldn’t it be nice to just decide where to go and fly off to anywhere? No need to pack, just go wherever you wanted? Say Good Bye to travel expenses and hotel reservations. In this world, you can stay anywhere for FREE!!!!

3. Oh if I can just get my hands on a little fairy dust! I would use to heal others but I would also use it to play some tricks, why not?!!!

4. I would be best friends with The Sphinx. Why? Well it is a fairy full of riddles and questions. It destroys old patterns of thinking. I love to ask questions and to get to know the truth about things. It is good to have an open mind and be open to change.

And with that…may your day be full of wisdom, joy and transformation!

Happy Reading!!!!

***Image obtained from: http://www.fanpop.com/spots/fairies/images/18369548/title/cute-fairy-wallpaper

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I have been having very strange dreams about being pregnant. Of course that is impossible since…Well take my word for it. But, things have gotten a little “twilight zone” for me lately. My husband told me recently that he had a dream I was pregnant as well. Then my best friend called and said she had a dream I was pregnant. Then my mother called….you guessed it!!! She dreamed I was pregnant. WHAT IS GOING ON? 

Well, it may be my level of stress that people are reading into and having dreams about. It seems no matter how hard I crank the books, I cannot get this one particular course. At this point I just want to pass the class, but even this seems like an impossibility.

So as it turns out, these dreams myself and those around me are experiencing of me being pregnant, are actually about other people who are pregnant, and definitely not me being pregnant.

Funny enough though, everyone around me is now pregnant!!!! 

Now my best friend, sister-in-law, cousin, another cousin, a friend, two high school friends, and God only knows how many others out there are PREGGERS!!! 

Seems like many of us were busy this summer!!! LOL

On another note, it is Dec. 1rst. Let the Holiday Season and not the Mating Season Begin!!!! 

Happy Reading!!!!