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10 years of therapy in one hour….Or however long it takes you to process this information :)

We all have drama. It seems that it’s a rite of passage for all humans. No one is perfect and no one is completely FREE of disputes, especially the family kind.

I used to be extremely sensitive and took everything to heart. The term too serious, stick in the mud, too passionate, irrational and self-righteous applied to me. When I met my husband it was like a new door opened for me. I not only grew as a person, but I became much more relaxed and I have learned to see life like a really funny comedy. I know there will be serious moments in it, but there is nothing wrong with letting my hair down and relaxing. I used to take everything so personal, that I was not enjoying my life and I felt like I was swimming in a bowl of negativity. My husband had  a lot to do with my transformation, but I think it’s also an understanding that there is only so much that one can do as an individual. Somethings are going to be what they are, and there is nothing we can do to change them. It’s good to let go and accept that only you can change your environment. If you wait for people to change to accommodate your feelings, you will be miserable for a long time. Don’t get me wrong I am still a work in progress, but I have also accepted that I am who I am. It is good that I have learned to not be so intense and emotional all the time.

The other day my husband and I talked about our childhoods and our relationships with our families. We both had rather rough childhoods and our relationships with our parents haven’t always been the easiest ones. However, my husband gave me some advice that really helped me understand why my relationship with my parents is the way it is. I currently have a good relationship with my parents, but there were certain things that I had a problem accepting. I am glad I talked them over with my husband, because he is a third-party and its good to get his point of view. After speaking about my grievances, he validated a lot of my feelings and on some of these he gave me an interesting perspective. I really felt liberated and this is what I came up with after our discussion:

When the veil is lifted from your eyes and you experience a true revelation about your life, your past, yourself as person, or those around you; sadness passes you by. This feeling is quickly replaced by a strong feeling of relief that you are now awakened by the REAL truth. This TRUTH and revelation will liberate you and set you free from years of therapy. You are now in the light and at peace with the honest truth, no matter how hard it may be to hear at first. Only the REAL TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE. That is one of the steps to true transformation.

The day that we had our discussion, I really came to terms with some really disturbing but real feelings that I had ignored. After I realized and accepted this reality, I really felt that I may not had always been treated correctly, and somethings I cannot change. However, I can try to not make the same mistakes. I can only change and work on myself to better ME. At the end of the day, the only person that is going to love me and understand me like I want to, is myself.


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