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October is one of my favorite months. And it is not just because it is my birthday month. It seems that this month has several events and festivities associated with it, along with some other interesting things. Oh well, I will just write it out…October is the best month ever!!!

The month of October starts with Libra and ends with the Scorpio signs of the zodiac. I happen to be a Libra. Lucky me! Libra folks are ruled by the scales, which represent fairness and justice. There is nothing that bothers me more than unfairness or things not being right. They also enjoy beauty, esthetically pleasing things, art and music. Unfortunately, esthetically pleasing things is an enjoyment I have taken to the extreme by my OCD and wanting everything to be in its place.

Also,  the birth stone of a Libra is the Opal. Now these stones are not my favorite, but Opals are pretty and take on many different colors. I like to think of myself as an Opal: constantly changing and evolving.

But besides being the birth month of us wacky Libra folks, October is the host of an awesome event: Oktoberfest. Who would not want to spend 16 days celebrating and drinking beer??? Even if you are not a fan of traditional beer, there are so many types and flavors at this beer event that you are bound to find one that you like. Plus, you get to enjoy yourself and get a little tipsy while you are at it 🙂

October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Those little pink ribbon pins, pens, t-shirts, and other merchandise you see at the store while you are out shopping, are not just to look pretty. I have several family members that have been inflicted with this disease and some have lost the battle. It is important to get screened, learn about the disease, but most of all raise funds so that constant research is being done to find a cure. I already bought my pink ribbon pen to support the cause. What have you done? 

October is the epitome for Fall, a great season for long sleeves and light sweaters. It is a transition stage from hot to cold weather. The leaves start to change from dark green to yellow, red, orange, browns, and lime greens. The colors on the trees are stunning!!! Who would have thought that the “dried leaves” look could be so beautiful?? I love fall and not just for the beauty of the leaves, but also because Fall has the perfect type of weather. It is not too cold, but just enough to make you want that pumpkin spice latte or a cinnammon roll, and who can resist home-made apple and pumpkin pie??!! 🙂

Best of all, October is host to Halloween parties and Horror Films. Growing up in the Caribbean did not allow me the opportunity to dress in costume each year, or go house to house to collect candy. However, I got my dosage of “Freddy vs Jason”, “The Exorcist”, “Amityville Horror”, and other scary films. I love horror films and the suspense they give you. I just don’t like having to sleep alone after watching a few of them. On the other hand, when it comes to Halloween I live vicariously through my nieces and nephews. I enjoy the different costumes: You can choose to be a scary clown, a fairy, or even a food item!!! It is a time to get hyped on candy and not feel guilty about it!!!! I remember my siblings not even taking the traditional plastic pumpkin to collect candy, they would just go straight for an empty trash bag and go to town. Home-made treats need not apply though. Sorry!!!  If I do not know the person I am not eating the home-made treat, and honestly neither should you. There is plenty of cheap candy sold at stores these days and you never know what people put in their treats.

I hope you enjoy all the things this month signifies as much as I do.

Is there a month that you are fascinated about? What do you like about October?

Happy Reading!!!

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31 is a prime number.

 According to What to Expect.com, at 31 weeks of pregnancy (No, I am not pregnant!), babies are able to process information, and perceive signals from all five senses.

WikiAnswers states that in Hebrew, 31 is the numerical value of God’s name. Also, that people associated with this number are eccentric, weird, ahead of their time, not to mention that they are interested in the occult. Yeap! That is me to a T. 

The month of: 

January has 31 days.

March has 31 days.

May has 31 days and it is also the month my mom was born.

July has 31 days and it is also the month my grandmother was born.

August has 31 days and it is also the month my grandfather was born.

December has 31 days and it is also the best month ever because of x-mas!!!

Most of all….October has 31 days and it is also my birth-month, and the month we celebrate Halloween!!! I love Halloween, and pumpkins, and apple pie with cinnamon, and Lattes from Starbucks, and costumes, and candy!!!

Best of all, my birthday is this Monday Oct. 1rst. Guess how old? ….Yeap! The magical number 31

Happy Birthday to me! 🙂

Happy Reading!!!

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