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Random Questions and Answers

It has been a while since I have done a question and answer post. So here it goes folks!!!

1. How long have you and your husband been married?

5 years in March.

2. Why don’t you have any children yet?

My husband and I have had the “B” discussion many times. Basically it comes down to time and money. We are not ready. Maybe next year or the following.

3. Are you worried that you are getting too old to have children?

Yes and no. I know that the older women get, the higher the risks of having a child. But I really need to do this on my own terms and when my husband and I are ready. It seems very silly to me to have a child for the sake of having one. We are prepared and accepting of the idea of not having any children as well. We are very happy with our lives and have no regrets. If God wants to bless us with children in the future, then it will happen.

4. What does your husband think of your blog? Does he read them?

My husband loves that I blog. It is a creative form of expression for me and it makes me happy. He does read my blog weekly and often suggests that I write about him..HAHAHAH….It is true! He is funny that way 🙂

5. How do you like being a military spouse thus far?

Being a military spouse has its pros and cons. It is not a lifestyle for everyone. There is a lot of moving around and feeling dislocated. There is also a lot of time being away from family. I have had my share of ups and downs with the process and the lifestyle. I do work full-time in a non-military/government capacity, so there is some escape from the lifestyle. We also live a bit far from the military base, so it does give my husband and I the space we need to cope. It can be stressful to live where you work. Having said that, my husband and I are very honored to live this lifestyle and it is an honor to be married to someone in the U.S. Navy. He truly enjoys his career with the Navy and this is his calling. I support him one hundred percent and he supports me too with all of my crazy ideas. Even though it is a daily challenge to be a military spouse, I feel blessed and happy with our lives.

6. What are you doing tomorrow?

Having lunch with a friend and then watching the SAG Awards. I will be looking forward to all the pretty dresses on the red carpet.


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