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15 before 30

Ok. So we are at 15 days before 30. I also started a grueling semester at school. Not to mention that my weird dreams are getting weirder by the minute. I have to admit, I am more peaceful now with the idea that I will not be in my 20’s any longer. Actually, I feel a little liberated. No more having to do things just to please people. No more trying to impress my parents. No more senseless jobs, just to discover if I am good at something or not. I now get to focus on a path. Possibly start new ventures and actually be a serious adult. It does feel strange that now I am in the position my mother was in a few years ago, and now she is in the position my grandmother was in a few year ago as well. So funny how the wheel turns.

But enough about me. I know you want to know what my crazy dream was about.

Well, I was dead. Yeap!  In my dream I had just died. I went to a strange place. It looked like an office building with many glass windows. I saw a lot of people there. They were all wearing white. I saw a tall gentleman come towards me, and I asked him where I was. He replied: “Where do you think you are?” I hate a question being answered with a question. I defeats the purpose of why I asked the question in the first place. Then I wondered…Well if I am dead and these are angel people, then where is God?  I saw a man coming out of what looked like a conference room. He had a white shirt and tie on. I said to myself “Is that God?” The gentleman then said, you will hear God at any time and through any medium. He could be God and he can also not be God. Then, I saw another man running towards the building with several other people. The gentleman grabbed me and we started to run. He told me that we were at war with the Devil. As I looked behind me, I saw the man with a very scary red face. But, he did have good taste in clothes. He was wearing suit. The gentleman and I kept running as others were being destroyed. I could not understand why they were being destroyed…Weren’t they celestial beings, or perhaps dead already? Why would God allow them to invade and chace us in the first place? I was confused and disoriented., until we ran into a very dark area of the building. I could not see anything in front of me or behind me. I was scared. Then…I woke up.

Not sure if this dream is about my anxieties or feelings about getting older. Perhaps the battle of the old me and new me. Perhaps that almost all things end. What is even more interesting, is that I started to read my old diary a few days ago. One of the entries stated that I had gone to a psychic years ago, and she told me that my soul was not attached to my body. WHAT!!! Someone told me this, and I just wrote it down and paid no attention to it. Could it be that my soul does wonder at night and travels to places it should not be?

I think I like my Ancient Aliens theory and Aliens are the ones messing with my brain 🙂

As always comments are welcome.

Happy Reading!!!

**Image obtained at: http://kannardfamilyonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/dualism.jpg

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A black hole

I am in love. Yes! I am in love with a little show called  Ancient Aliens. It airs on the History Channel, and I watch it all the time. There are a few reasons why I am obsessed with such show. Lets name a few:

  1. Giorgio Tsoukalos. (Handsome Ancient Alien Theorist) 🙂
  2. Giorgio Tsoukalo’s Hair 🙂
  3. Giorgio Tsoukalo’s theories of extraterrestrials and their influence on ancient people 🙂
  4. Annoying my husband with ancient alien theory 🙂
  5. It is a show based on Aliens and I love the paranormal 🙂

Ok. So Giorgio is a consulting producer of the show and he is also the editor of “Legendary Times”, a journal based on ancient alien theory.

I enjoy  theories of black holes: region of space where nothing escapes. Around a black hole there is a surface called an event horizon that marks the point of no return. It is called “black” because it absorbs all the light that hits the horizon, reflecting nothing (See: Wikipedia.com/Black hole). The show indicates how aliens may be able to travel through these black holes and are, or were able to come to Earth. The theories go as far as aliens being responsible for ancient temples and providing the tools and the information needed to build such wonders. It is believed that our ancestors were visited and inspired by aliens, and that even great prophets may have been descendants of aliens.  Therefore, some of these great prophets were able to inspire people, educate the world on how to live, and even ascend into “heaven” which was actually a spacecraft. So there are no angels with wings, or magic carpets, or genies. These were aliens that resembled people and educated our ancestors.

Ok. Let me start with my discussion of the issues I am finding with these theories.

Yes. Our ancestors may have not had the tools, education or resources, to be able to build such monuments like the pyramids of Egypt. However, who is to say that they were not advanced? All we can go by is the historical records. We were no there to physically analyze what types of people they were or where they got their inspirations. I do not think it is fair to say “they were too dumb to come up with that”.

Yes. In the beginning nature  may have done some experimentation before humans came into the picture. Like creating half human and half donkey types of people, or mermaids. There is a reason why humans have had this idea engraved in their heads, and I do belive it is not a coincidence. I do believe that all life began in water. However, there are theories that state that aliens experimented with humans and animals before creating us. I am not sure about alien experimentation, but we must also account for evolution and extinction. There may have been animals that resembled a half  human and half goat, but they simply went extinct and unfortunately there is no evidence. Also, as much as I love hearing about the possibility of another life in another planet…Why would aliens come here to help us? What was their motive?  Why give us the power and the knowledge that makes “them” advanced?

I have heard theories that we may be aliens and part of our DNA may be alien. This is far-fetched but may not be so far-fetched. We are the only mammals that actually have a conscience and a very advanced brain. Also, most of our DNA is mostly a bunch of repetitive “junk”, so where did the actual “human” part come from? Again, we must give credit to evolution. If we were able to evolve from a tiny cell, why not evolve into the species we are today?

Lastly, all these theories about aliens visiting us and inspiring us makes me a bit uneasy. Our ancestors used art to represent what they saw in their daily lives. They drew what they saw. If they saw human like figures with wings and described it as an angel, it probably was. If they drew a magic carpet, it probably was a carpet and not a spacecraft. I think that sometimes we must read the messages for what they are, instead of over analyzing. All of these theories about how angels visiting Earth were nothing more than extraterrestrials, does not sit well with me. We must give credit to our ancestors. This does not confirm the fact that worship of a God or many Gods, has been a part of cultures from the beginning of time. It is something that I believe is encoded in our DNA.

If angels do not exist, what happens to those great shows like A Haunting or Paranormal State? They have loads of evidence of ghosts and demons. It may be debatable evidence but so are these theories.

On the other hand, I do believe that the universe is expanding and the possibilities are endless. There may  be other forms of life out there, but we must honor and credit our ancestors. By the way, I do enjoy this show very much and respect the theories presented. But after watching these theories I felt I was in  a Black Hole 😦

Happy Reading!!!!

***Images were obtained from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_hole  and  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angels.