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Hello March???!!!!

on March 3, 2014

I cannot believe it is March already! Where did February go?

So much happened in the month of February that I feel like I am barely catching up to myself!!!

Also, Wow is it cold out here in VA! When is it going to stop snowing??? It seems that there is a storm right around the corner each week!  Someone must have really ticked off Jack Frost!

My anxiety levels have been really high lately. I received a promotion and then I had to turn it down. It was in Austin, TX and it would have been too stressful for my husband and I to be apart, with the extension that is upon us from the Navy; unbeknown to us until recently.  Yes! we are being extended here in VA for at least another 3 years!  I was so disappointed and as you can imagine so was my employer. Things are not so great at work and I am holding on with faith until something better comes along. My husband and I have been going to our local Catholic church and we have met with a wonderful priest there. He is witty, funny and his sermons are very entertaining and  unconventional to say the least. Each week I look for sources of inspiration that would help me move forward…Life goes on!  This priest, however, has really motivated us to continue our spiritual growth and not just focus on tradition and dogma.

I did have a dream the other night that I was walking through a beautiful valley with, what I believe was, Jesus/God? I did not see a face. Only that the person I was walking with was male, very tall, and had sandals on his feet and a robe on. As we walked side by side, he held my hand and told me: “You need to take it down a notch!”….I woke up the next morning and started to laugh so hard. Even God had to tell me to calm down!

On other news, I loved watching the Winter Olympics this year;  except, once again, I hated the uniforms for the US Team! The tops looked like tacky Christmas sweaters from twenty years ago. I was happy that the events were held in Sochi, Russia. I do realize that Russia and the US have had an icy past and a lukewarm present. However, I was happy for the people of Russia. They have been through so much strife, poverty and uncertainty, that it was refreshing to see such a special event take place in their homeland.

And as I am concluding this post, I am watching The Academy Awards, aka The Oscars. What can I say….Gravity is taking it all as well as 12 Years A Slave, and Lupita is gorgeous. However, Jared Leto has given the best speech thus far. His reference to those struggling in the Ukraine and Venezuela warmed my heart, as well as his constant mentioning of his mother which makes any girl tear up.

Happy Reading!!! 

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