Opal Siren

My life in dreams


on January 20, 2013

Last night my husband and I watched some of the Disney movies marathon on ABC Family. We watched Aladdin, Cinderella, Lady and The Tramp and Alice in Wonderland. We definitely went back in time on a flying carpet and followed the White Rabbit. The concept, graphics, and the story lines of most of these films are different from what we see today in children films. Way different!!! And yet, it is that simplicity that captivates me to keep watching them. For the most part, these films have a princess that needs rescuing or the hero/heroine wins the day. However, there are underlying messages as well like perseverance, endurance, going after your dreams and taking ownership.

Alice in Wonderland takes you into a complete new world created by the imagination and subconscious of a little girl who is dreaming. I often blog about dreams and how wild they can be. But dreams are tricky because they often represent our wants and desires. They can also represent our fears and worries. Dreams can also represent what we are living in the present. I have had some really crazy dreams in which I interact with those who have passed, and what I am going through in the present. Unfortunately, my stress level has been so high that I haven’t been having any good dreams as of late. Sometimes, we just can not get a way from what is going on in our lives and it follows us into our dreams, causing us not to have “sweet” dreams. These types of dreams tend to turn into nightmares, and unfortunately they are similar to our real-life situations.

As of  now, I can definitely relate to Alice. In a scene of the movie, she says that in her world nothing would make sense and it would be a complete wonderland. That is how I feel as of late. It seems that nothing makes sense. What should be, it is not…If you know what I mean. Luckily for Alice, she gets to wake up from her wacky dream/nightmare and go on with her life dreaming up new wonderous lands. She quickly realizes that what she wanted the most, a world that made no sense at all, became too much to endure. For some of us, we are still stuck in the same old dream and not waking up. What will it take? How much more can we endure? Somethings are not, because they simply should not be.

Happy Reading!!!

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