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A picture says 1000 words, a blog says many things!!!

on December 3, 2012


This morning I started to think about....Why do I love to blog???

I know for many people it is a form of expression and they are quite good at it. For many it is also a great way to connect with others, get as many readers as possible, sell things, get sponsors, comments, or even a publishing deal.

I am not that good at creating works of art with my blogs. I do not advertise, or try to sell the reader anything; but blogging is a form of escape for me. This blog is for me. This is my space to doodle, create, vent, remember, imagine, explore, etc.

Prior to blogging, I did not have hobbies or many interests and this form of expression has been very healing for me. I do not consider myself a writer, but since I do have a blog (this one!)...I guess I am sort of a writer. I have also discovered many things about myself through writing my posts each week. I actually enjoy the act of writing and thinking about what to write next. Also, it has help me become more in tune to what I like and enjoy writing about.

Also, when a photograph is analyzed, the photo can tell you many things about what is happening in the picture itself, and you can sort of deduce the intent of the photographer. With a blog, a reader can get lost in chapters of a book, a simple post or a comment. At the same time, a reader can get to know on a deeper level who the author is and what intent the author has. For the reader of a blog, it is not only important what the blog is about, but who is writing it, and why they are writing what they are presenting to the world. I am fascinated about this aspect of blogs, and it is the major reason I am such a fan and why I have one. I get excited when readers ask questions about my posts or even my username, because it tells me that they are interested in the author of this blog... Me! :)

I realize that it is a bit self-centered to want to have people know about you or read your posts, but it feels good to have people care about and relate to what you are writing about. It also makes me feel normal, since I can get to know other readers that like the same things I like.  In addition, since each day I worry about others and take care of my home, it is nice to have a space for me, that it is written by me, but goes beyond what I can bring! I can write about me, the world, or anything!

What about you? What do you enjoy about blogging or reading blogs?

Happy Reading!!! :)


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