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Tales of Sleeping Beauty

on September 17, 2012

Out of all the Disney Princesses Sleeping Beauty, Princess Aurora, was my least favorite. Why? Well first of all she sleeps for ages until her prince comes to rescue her. She does not age or change while she is in this deep state of sleep. She is almost frozen in a state of coma, kind of like a plastic doll. CREEEPYYY!

Yet, it seems that most people today want to be in a state of sleep where our bodies simply do not change. People today are expected to remain youthful, vibrant and healthy.  If there is one wrinkle in sight, you better have the number to your plastic surgeon on speed dial for that Botox injection, or that surgery to hide it ASAP!!! Do not even talk about the evil F word. The word that indicates you may have gained a few pounds since high school. You are supposed to look like you were when you were 17 or better. If not, you must quickly get the number to a personal trainer, nutritionist, health guru, on your emergency contact list right below your plastic surgeon’s number.

What is people’s fascination with ripping each other apart if we do not look like our former selves? What is wrong with change and letting nature take its course? Whether we like it or not, aging is a part of nature and we will experience it. Why not age gracefully and accept each stage of life as a new challenge to be a better person. I do not want to go back to being 17 again and be 80 lbs. I do not want to go through all those growing pains over and over just to be pretty and youthful. I also do not want to dress like I am a teenager when I am not. There is nothing wrong with being a mature adult, dressing like one, and still have fun. I have met the sweetest, nicest, most fun-loving people and they are 60++++. It IS all about how you feel about yourself and how you project yourself to others. No number, pill, injection, recipe, will give you the ingredient that you need to be a happy, vibrant, youthful person. Also, a person can be the most gorgeous person of all time, if that person is not happy within him or herself, then that unhappiness is going to show on the outside. That IS what is projected to others, the ugly or the beauty within. It is ok to accept that we all change. Not one of us, 30+++ generation, will look like when we were 17. Maybe some of us have aged or changed less, but we are all headed in the same direction. It is ok to change and accept change as part of the natural process of life. No matter how many procedures a person gets, it cannot fix what is inside of that person nor stop the aging process.

I completely understand if someone is truly unhappy with some aspect of their bodies and want to get it corrected for their self-esteem. That to me is acceptable. I just don’t understand those folks out there that are so obsessed with youth that they forget that nothing in life lasts forever, and things will change no matter how hard we try to hold on to our youth. It is the behavior or how we feel that will matter in the end 🙂

I am also not saying to not treasure your body or take care of it. Of course we should work out and eat healthy. All I am saying is that there are other aspects of life that we need to acknowledge and treasure as well. Things like: friendships, mutual respect, having a good time, spending time with loved ones, loving one-self and spreading love to others, etc…because outside beauty can fade no matter how many times a day you go to a gym or how many injectables you use.

We all need to learn to be happy and be happy with what we have! Wake up sleeping beauties!  🙂

What do you think?

Happy Reading!!!

***Image obtained from: google/images.


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