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Doctors and Fleas and Snakes Oh My!

on August 6, 2012

Sorry guys and gals, this post is a venting post and there is a topic concerning women’s health. Read at your own risk!!! 

I have been dealing with a slight flea problem for several weeks now, which started with my sister’s dog. Thankfully, I think that I finally have it under control after several flea baths, flea sprays, and an exterminator. Unfortunately, I am still finding a few dead ones and my poor dog is still scratching. The awful heat out here, in VA, has not helped and we have other bugs that are breeding like crazy as well.

I finally hit a breaking point when I found a snake in my kitchen the other day!!!! I literally cried. I was sooo tired of vacuuming, and cleaning, and spraying…and then, there is the snake! I was mortified!!!!

I immediately called everyone I knew to calm me down. I thought I was going to lose any amount of sanity I had left. Thankfully, the maintenance guy came to my rescue after failed phone calls to animal control. He managed to get the awful reptile out of my apartment, only to then tell me that he is terrified of snakes as well!!! LOL

It just seems that everything that is going to go wrong is actually going wrong. Murphy’s law is into action full force this summer. I truly wish my husband could be home right now.

On other news, I had my very first mammogram the other day. I was terrified to go and really had no idea what to expect. It was just a routine checkup and thankfully everything turned out well. It really was not as bad as I thought it was going to be, and honestly all women should put the fear aside and get checked as soon as they are at least 40-years-old. If you are high risk or have immediate family members that have been affected by breast cancer, then you may request to get an exam sooner. There are also home exams that can be performed on a monthly basis. I cannot emphasize the importance of getting checked. 

As I said earlier, I was petrified to go and get this exam done. When I arrived the assistants and the technician welcomed me and were very patient. The technician explained everything to me and walked me through all the steps. I asked if it was painful and she reassured me that it could be uncomfortable, but not as bad a visit to the Dentist;  which I did have and will get into later. I was relieved that the exam was not painful, maybe a little uncomfortable but nothing that I was not able to bear. I was also relieved to get my results the same day and that all was fine. It really was not as bad as I thought! The worse part of the exam was not being able to wear deodorant before the exam!!!

What was really awful and terrible was my visit to the Dentist. I went to the dentist for a routine checkup and a cleaning. He suggested to get my old fillings replaced. Being that mine were done in the 90’s, I thought why not? After all, my insurance would cover most of it and I wanted fillings that matched my teeth. After two and half weeks, I am still suffering with pain and major sensitivity all over my mouth!!! I have been to the dentist three times now to correct this issue, and it is just not going away. I kind of wish I had left my old silver fillings and ignored the dentist. Apparently other people out there have had the same reaction to the composite fillings that are now being used, and some people are allergic to the material. I really hope my issue gets resolved on its own and I wont need to re-replace the fillings. I hate the dentist as it is. I read that some people suffer from issues with their new fillings for months and I want to be able to eat a proper meal at some point!

Boy…what an awful, hot summer am I having! I hope all of you have a better one!!!

Happy Reading!!! 


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