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The Beauty of Sunflowers

on July 8, 2012

Recently my husband sent me some flowers. I was not feeling all that well, and felt a little bored and lonely. It was nice to come home from running errands and finding them in a large box waiting for me by the door.

As I opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised that he sent me sunflowers 🙂 They are my absolute favorite!!!!

First, sunflowers smile at you. Yes! They are always happy and blissful. How can I anyone be sad after looking at a sunflower? They radiate happiness and it definitely brought a BIG smile to my face.

Second, the color of the sunflower is amazing. The bright yellow brings warmth, comfort and happy thoughts. It is a very friendly color that is also not too powerful or offensive, like the red of roses for example. This is the reason why I love all shades of yellow. Even the wackiest of neon yellow warms my heart. It is a cheerful color. There is no way I can think of anything negative or sad when I see the color yellow, or a beautiful, big, bright sunflower. It does not say “I want you”, or “I love you”, or “I am sorry”, or “forgive me”. Out of the many things it says to me, I hear: “Smile, laugh, be happy, you are cherished and not alone!!!”.

Third, I love the shape of a sunflower. It has a big, flowery, circle head that looks like a Sun, or even a smiley face. The actual “flower” it is just a bunch of smaller flowers all crowded together. So in one “flower” you can have many flowers. How many roses are in one rose? Just one. But  in just one sunflower you get many of them all crowded together in a big flower head.

Fourth, the stem of a sunflower is nice and long. This is a very elegant flower and can grow to big heights. It almost tells you: “Reach for the sun and the skies, and beyond”. This flower really communicates and connects to me. It says so many  wonderful, warm things.

What is your favorite flower?

Happy Reading and Happy Summer!!!!


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