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Things I would love to do if I was a fairy

on March 29, 2012

Hello there! I have been gone for too long. My school work has definitely earned an award for kicking my butt and I am exhausted. My husband is home for a short amount of time and I have been trying to squeeze in some time with him. Although my time with him has been mostly running errands and visiting family, which means more exhaustion, I am happy he is here with me for this very limited time.

Anyway, I am too tired to talk about what has happened or happening in my “real” life, why not think about something random…like what would I do if I was a fairy???!!!

Oh come on…we all do it. We dream about magical super powers, being superhero, what about if I can just make money appear?? That sort of thing. Besides, with all of the supernatural shows on T.V. as of late, it is fitting that I blog about something related to this topic.

Well my little supernatural fantasy, aside from being an athlete, is definitely being a fairy. Now please understand that some folks out there do belive in them, and that they actually have healing powers. I do not know much about this area or belief system, so please forgive me. I am going to be talking about the fairy powers that I would like to have if I were like Tinker Bell. So with this in mind, let us have a little laugh and do not forget to share what your supernatural fantasies may be 🙂

So here we go:

1. I would love to shape shift and change my name according to how I feel. Besides the confusion, teasing, and amusement that I would get, in this world I get to be many things. Just think…no loans, credit cards or contracts would be under my name, since I can be someone else tomorrow. Besides, in this little fantasy world everyone would share. So no need to have money on hand or worry about bills.

2. I would have some kick ass wings! I would like some really nice long wings, with lots of feathers. So no need for airplanes or helicopters. I can fly myself thank you very much! But besides flying around in my glamorous wings, wouldn’t it be nice to just decide where to go and fly off to anywhere? No need to pack, just go wherever you wanted? Say Good Bye to travel expenses and hotel reservations. In this world, you can stay anywhere for FREE!!!!

3. Oh if I can just get my hands on a little fairy dust! I would use to heal others but I would also use it to play some tricks, why not?!!!

4. I would be best friends with The Sphinx. Why? Well it is a fairy full of riddles and questions. It destroys old patterns of thinking. I love to ask questions and to get to know the truth about things. It is good to have an open mind and be open to change.

And with that…may your day be full of wisdom, joy and transformation!

Happy Reading!!!!

***Image obtained from: http://www.fanpop.com/spots/fairies/images/18369548/title/cute-fairy-wallpaper

One response to “Things I would love to do if I was a fairy

  1. jensine says:

    I think I would like tiptoeing in flowers and understanding the butterfly, we’d have great chats … and then I think I’d have rainbows appear in my wake

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