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The Day Before…

on February 28, 2012

Why is it that when something BIG is going to happen, it is always the day before or minutes before the moment that we are struck with excitement, happiness, panic or terror?

After the moment has occurred, we may still feel the same but not with the same intensity, and we surely adapt to the feeling. Ahhhh……It must be good old ANTICIPATION.

She caught up with me on Saturday when I was struck with sadness as we were preparing for my husband’s departure. He will be gone for a good month of training, he will then return for a few days and leave again for six months.

So thanks to Anticipation, Saturday was a very rough day. My husband and I embraced each other for most of the day, almost wishing Sunday would not arrive. I tried to be strong, but inside I was dying at the same time.

After he left, I was ok with it all and accepting of the situation. Anticipation loosened her grip on me. I am still accepting and trying to keep busy. Unfortunately, my husband does not make it easy. I love that he calls me many times throughout the day, and at the same time it is torturous to hear his voice. It is a constant reminder that he is not here with me.

I am sure everyone deals with separation and loss differently. I like to keep busy and do my own thing. I am very independent that way. I know how to keep busy and create projects for myself. But I also hate talking about my husband being gone and how much I miss him, because it is a constant reminder that he is not here.  I know there are many military blogs, discussions, and groups focusing on deployments. But for me …It is just too painful. I rather block it and I simply not talk about it. There are very few posts about military life and deployments in my blogs for that reason.

On the other hand, I find it fascinating that tomorrow is the day before the last day of February!!!

Gotta love leap year!

Happy Reading!!!!


2 responses to “The Day Before…

  1. Mike says:

    Baby I love you with all of my heart I am sorry for calling so much but being apart dies suck. It will be easier for me when I go on deployment because the days will start to run together and I will be really busy. I love you

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