Opal Siren

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on January 26, 2012

Lately my husband and I have been gorging ourselves watching the republican debates and their candidates. I have always been slightly interested in politics and my husband absolutely loves it. As a matter of fact, each day I start to think how one day I may be walking the campaign trail with him. He enjoys the debates, the accusations, the fights, but most of all he calls out most of the politicians on their bluff. Like many military men and women, he has a good understanding how things are run in government, especially in the military/defense area. He is pretty much an independent, I claim to be a democrat…whatever that means these days. To be honest, it seems as though it does not matter what party you are from, both sides have done some sketchy things, and thus far it seems as if the poor and the people themselves are not getting their voices heard…The 99% movement is a good example of this trend.

One thing that has struck me from these debates, is how little the candidates know about immigration. We have one candidate talk about “self-deportation”…whatever that means. Another talks about the English language being the prominent more prosperous language, and how Spanish is not the language of progress, but the language of the “ghetto”…what does that mean?

Since I speak both English and Spanish, does that mean that I am prosperous and ghetto at the same time??? What about these borders that they are talking about building, will it really matter?? With what money are we building these borders??? What about the immigrants that are already here…do they have a button that I don’t have, so they can just push it at their leisure, or when they have settled their things here, and self-deport???

I am not sure what these candidates are talking about. But what I do know is that this country has always welcomed immigrants, especially  since none of us are really natives; except if you are native american. I also do not agree with breaking the law; however living in another country has given me a different view about what an immigrant is. Yes, there are some immigrants that are criminals and should be deported. But, what about the hard-working people who are just trying to survive and feed their families back home? Or those escaping the brutalities of their unjust governments? The truth is that some of the immigrants I have met are the most hard-working people I know. Some have lived here their entire lives and know nothing else but to be an American. They are more American than you and me. Is it ok to send them “home” to a land they barely know about. Heck, some barely know how to speak their native language. They were brought here at a young age and have grown up here in this country with our customs.

In addition, there are many Latinos and Hispanics that are bilingual and not bilingual, and are very prosperous. Some are being nominated for an Oscar, like Berenice Bejo from the film “The Artist”. Her film which was directed by her husband (who is also nominated), is being nominated for 10 awards. So, because this critically acclaimed actress speaks spanish she is not prosperous? I understand the whole one language for all to unify the nation, but just because someone speaks another language or lives in a ghetto for that matter, does not mean they cannot prosper or have prosperity. Not all prosperity is of monetary form, by the way.

Which brings me to my next point…what the heck is “Self-deportation?”

Do Latinos/Hispanics or other immigrants have a gene, that when expressed produces a button (like a belly button). When the person is ready or gets an epiphany, they can push the button and self-deport????

If that was the case , what would I do with a self-deporting button?

1. Each time I had to hear or deal with some people’s ignorance, or plain stupidity, I would press that button and self-deport to some castle in Ireland, or to a beautiful country side in Italy.

2. Each time my husband drove me crazy, I could push the button and self-deport to a quiet park with no noise or annoying arguments.

3. Each time a family member annoyed me, I could just self-deport to a parallel universe, where such person would not be so annoying.

No se en que esto va a parar.

Translation: I do not know how this is going to end.

De cualquier forma…

Translation: Either way

Happy Reading!!!! (Feliz Lectura!!!)


4 responses to “The sense in SELF-DEPORTATION

  1. michael says:

    very true babe

  2. I ve read that a lot of our DNA is actually “junk” with no impact on how biological traits are expressed.

    • opalsiren says:

      @Gabrielle…You are correct!!! We are mostly made up of “junk” DNA that is very repetitive. It is a small percentage of DNA that makes us “human”. Biological traits are mostly inherited by our parents and are influenced by our genes 🙂

  3. This drumbeat against immigrants has really turned many Republican Latinos against the Republican Party.

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