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Whatch out for the creepy dolls!!!

on January 22, 2012

So we made it to VA….YAY!!!! Thus far, the move has not been so bad. I love my new apartment. Everything in it is brand new, including the community where we now live. I like the area thus far. There are tons of stores and things to do. The people are not so bad either. My husband and I have been adventurous and decided to try most of the restaurants by us. The service has been great, the food not so much 😦

In either case, the only thing that really has taken a toll is the unpacking. I am a bit of an obsessive compulsive, so the only thing we asked for help on are the furniture and bigger items. Everything else had to be inspected, cleaned and touched by me 🙂  By the way, thanks to Jen from newmommyconfessions.blogspot.com for her and her huzzy’s help on this move and the process.

Although we downsized a lot before moving, somehow there were so many things to put away and organize. Half of our wedding gifts from 2009 were still in boxes, so those needed attention as well. For the past decade anywhere I have moved to, whether as a bachelorette or married, I have taken my collection of antique dolls and other collectible toys with me. These are a real pain in the %&$#@ to move. I have collected them since I was 16-years-old, and it was a great hobby to keep me out of trouble, and I also like them because I am a freak LOL

Some of the dolls are so beautiful with their detailed Victorian gowns, hats, gloves and TEETH!!!  LOL I am not sure why, and I never bothered to look into this, but many antique dolls from centuries ago seem to have teeth, eyes that move, and leather bodies. They are pretty freaky to look at and I completely understand why some people are completely repulsed by them. On the other hand, I love them and all of my collectibles. I look past the creepy teeth and try to appreciate the craft that was put into creating these dolls. Back in the day, doll manufacturers did not have the sophistication and tools that our modern era possesses. Many of these dolls, with the exception of the porcelain that they are made from, were hand painted, had their hair, hands, clothes, and other accessories hand sewn. I also like to imagine who owned them, what kind of childhood they had, how did they play with them, and I also reminisce about my childhood. These dolls give me a safety net and a comfort zone. They remind me when I was little and would lock myself in my room and play with my dolls. I would comb their hair, carefully change their clothes and pretend I was a princess LOL. We all have something that bring us comfort, joy and peace. Well this is my little thing.

Unfortunately, I did not have the room to display all of them in my new place, so some had to be put away. Of course the creepiest ones were put away right away at the request of my dear husband 😦  Some of these were my 1970’s Shirley Temple, my 200 year-old Armand doll, special editions Marilyn Monroe and My Fair Lady Barbie dolls, and a few other ones. But, I still got to display my wonderful collection of Disney princesses, Vera Wang Bridal Barbie, and other more modern ceramic dolls. As I was putting my antique dolls in a container to go into our storage closet, I decided to write on the outside of the container: Dolls and childhood toys. I kind of got a little melancholy thinking: “Wow my entire adolescence stored in a plastic container…(sigh)”. This moment probably should had happened way sooner, but mine happened at 30 years-old. It was time to say, kind of, good-bye to my wonder years. But in the meantime, I still have my other dolls on display. I can always go into my spare bedroom and stare at them, and get lost in the comfort and beauty they bring me.

Here are a few pictures of some of my collectibles(There are way more)….Yikes!

Besides family and friends, what are some hobbies or things that bring you joy and comfort? Do you have a childhood chest or storage container/bin?

Happy Reading!!!!

***Websites for images: http://www.itaggit.com/community/blogs/antiques/archive/2009/02/15/Antique-Dolls-Are-Valuable-Even-When-Damaged.aspx


One response to “Whatch out for the creepy dolls!!!

  1. Jen says:

    You can keep your creepy dolls! *shudder* I never liked dolls like that… My sister did. I think Chucky scarred me for life. LOL

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