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5 things I will NOT miss from 2011

on December 23, 2011

As Christmas draws near, so is the new year! 

Here are a few things I will NOT miss from this year!

1. 3 hour exams. I wish I was joking, but I just wrapped up a class that required a midterm and final that were 3 hours EACH!!!

Not to mention the exam was related to the C++ computer programming language. My brain was a fried egg after that exam.


2. Spending. I don’t know what it was this year, but each time my husband and I tried to save a buck, we spent double!!!

From exotic weddings that we had to attend, to trips to see family, we could not keep hold of Bens for more than a few days.

So this new year, we are looking at what is practical and what is not. We may have to disappoint a few people, but some of us need to start saving for retirement. By someone, I mean me! I am the senior citizen in my marriage by three years 🙂

Unfortunately, with us moving and the bills that we will be up against, the trips to visit family and friends will need to be cut. Oh, and Christmas shopping will also be cut drastically next year. Fruit baskets anyone?



3. Moving. This year not only did we have the pressures of traveling, we also had the pressures of thinking about where the military was sending us. Although I am not thrilled of the location where we are going, I am happy that in 2012 we will be stable in our new place for a good 3-4 years.



4. Reality Shows. I will admit that I was, and still am in some aspects, a reality show addict. However, after witnessing how much time I was wasting watching these types of shows, I decided not to watch anymore. I actually have been very good about it. I only watch movies that I enjoy and good old current event shows. Even some of the shows on the History Channel have gotten the boot as of late. Not to mention that after seeing the wastefulness, ungratefulness, immaturity and irresponsible money spending on some of these shows, I have grown disgusted by them. There are way too many jobless, homeless, hungry and indebted people today, for me to sponsor these shows with my time.



5. My weight. Ok, this one is more of a goal. But starting in Jan. my husband and I are going to work hard at getting healthy. It will be easier for him, as he is leaving for deployment soon and will be working hard to defend our country. For me it will be very, very hard. But, I am starting not to like how I look and I really want to get healthy. My husband loves me no matter what, but it is a personal commitment we both have made to say good bye to the love handles in 2012 🙂


And with that, I wish everyone Happy Holidays!!!!


Happy Reading!


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