Opal Siren

My life in dreams


on December 1, 2011

I have been having very strange dreams about being pregnant. Of course that is impossible since…Well take my word for it. But, things have gotten a little “twilight zone” for me lately. My husband told me recently that he had a dream I was pregnant as well. Then my best friend called and said she had a dream I was pregnant. Then my mother called….you guessed it!!! She dreamed I was pregnant. WHAT IS GOING ON? 

Well, it may be my level of stress that people are reading into and having dreams about. It seems no matter how hard I crank the books, I cannot get this one particular course. At this point I just want to pass the class, but even this seems like an impossibility.

So as it turns out, these dreams myself and those around me are experiencing of me being pregnant, are actually about other people who are pregnant, and definitely not me being pregnant.

Funny enough though, everyone around me is now pregnant!!!! 

Now my best friend, sister-in-law, cousin, another cousin, a friend, two high school friends, and God only knows how many others out there are PREGGERS!!! 

Seems like many of us were busy this summer!!! LOL

On another note, it is Dec. 1rst. Let the Holiday Season and not the Mating Season Begin!!!! 

Happy Reading!!!!

2 responses to “IT’S MATING SEASON!!!

  1. Jennifer says:

    You aren’t the only one with baby fever, lol. If you want to fix that feel free to babysit my monster. 🙂

  2. opalsiren says:

    No baby fever for me, but apparently everyone else has it! LOL
    I would not mind playing with the little monster 🙂 She is a doll!

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