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My life in dreams

After Life Experience?

on July 13, 2011

Most people do not remember their dreams when they sleep, although they are a part of our lives.  It is almost as if at night we recycle our thoughts and everything we lived throughout the day is projected in our dreams. I happen to remember most of my dreams. Some of my dreams become reality for me. Dreams are a strange experience and yet a very magical experience for me. I’ve had the pleasure to meet people and live through experiences in dreams, only to then experience them again in reality.

Last night, as I often do, I dreamed of my late grandmother. She was the very best. As most grandmothers, she was kind, giving, caring, motherly and warm.

My dream began with a very unpleasant feeling of pain. I get extremely painful leg pains at times which hinder my walking abilities. I literally I have to sit from the pain. No one has ever told me why I get them. But in my dream,  I was back at my old school which I attended as a child. Everything was the same. The nuns were there, the ivory walls, the gardens with tiny tress covered in red star-like flowers. The bigness of the building still felt the same, and all of the school girls were walking around as if time never passed.

In that dream I could not get up and go up a flight of stairs due to the excruciating pain I was feeling. There was a strange man I have never met before trying to aid me. He seemed from a Middle Eastern descent. He was tall, handsome, and had very dark eyes. As I was kneeling and avoiding his help, he began to tell me how happy he was with his wife and family, how he was even more delighted that he was marrying for the second time. I felt a strange and scary feeling inside as he was telling me this. Was he really thinking of marrying another woman, after telling me he was happy with his current wife? Or was he trying to tell me that I was going to be his wife, and I was conveniently ill with leg cramps as he was telling me this? Was he a man in Heaven and finally being happy in a plural marriage? Does religion not matter in Heaven? I do not have the answers to these questions, and I am a pretty open-minded person and accepting of all cultures and religions. I also come from a very diverse background with customs most people would not understand. I am not sure why I felt this way in the dream or why he had told me this, but it definitely raised some questions in me. It also did not feel odd that he was openly telling me this, I was just scared that he was so open in confiding in me.

As the dream progressed, I managed to get up and walk around the gardens of my school. I happened to cath a glimpse of an older woman with short hair, strolling around one of the pathways of the gardens. I screamed and yelled “Grandma, Grandma, Grandma!!!” Alas! She did not hear me and continued walking in a hurry. I only got to see her from the back, but I was very sure it was my grandmother trying to visit me in one my dreams. Perhaps she had to leave in hurry so that she would not get caught by the heaven police?

After that, I saw my mother trying to find me. It seemed as though she was trying to pick me up from school. This was strange as my mother never picked me up at school when I was living with my grandmother.  I ran towards one of the hallways of the school and I ended up in a beach. The beach was full of people running, walking, laughing and eating. I suddenly encountered a young girl with long dark hair, fair skin and medium built. She seemed like an average girl. She was so warm and friendly. She started to talk to me and escorted me to another hallway full of glass walls. The floor of this hallway was all sand and beautiful rocks of all colors and sizes. I remember the rocks being so black but shiny and colorful at the same time. She held my hand and spoke to me words I cannot remember, and then I woke up.

This is only one of the many dreams I have had where I encountered my grandmother or strange people I’ve never met. There are times when I see her talking to me and smiling. There are other times when she leaves and I cannot accompany her for some odd reason. Whether it is my active imagination or not, my dreams give me comfort when in reality I miss her terribly. I especially miss her smell, hugs and her constant cheering. Not matter what I did, she was always so proud and encouraging.

I truly hope to see her again some day and we can walk those gardens and the beach together.

Happy Reading!!!

Images were obtained from sleepzine.com and English-Online.at


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