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Curly Sue Is Here

on July 12, 2011

I begin this blog by expressing how hot the weather is here in good old PA. I have the A.C. and three fans on, and I am still sweating. I have my twin brothers who are 12, running havoc around the house and screaming every two minutes that they are hungry.

Below is a picture of them…Don’t they look angelic???

All of this heat and comotion is causing my hair to frizz up!!!  I already have curly hair, but today it seems to be extremely unruly and BIG. If anyone out there knows me, then they must know that I hate combing, fixing or doing anything with my hair. It is thick and curly, and a lot of work. Don’t get me wrong, over the years I have come to accept what God has given me and I have embraced my hair. However,  there are days like today where  I want to shave it off !!!

Here is a sneak peak at may daily routine:

Wash and CONDITION (I use Paul Mitchell products)

Comb NOT brush my hair

Add leave in conditioner (Paul Mitchell is preferred)

Add some gel or mousse if desired (I use any brand really)

Let  hair air dry  (D0 not touch hair, or it will frizz)

Below is a glimpse of what my hair may look like on an ordinary day…

Stay tunned for info. about when I actually blow dry my hair…..Folk’s it is not going to happen!!! Way too much work 🙂

For now, I will put it up and wait for this humidity to cease.

Happy Reading!!!


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